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Not a very decent conversion of Bannerlord 1.5.4 that transforms Calradia into Europe, with a new map, clans, kingdoms etc

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First of all, a good old disclaimer:
Only works on Bannerlord 1.5.4 Do not expect a good-quality total conversion. This mod was done in a week with no modding knowledge and for my personal use only. Only after a couple of my youtube channel subscribers told me they wanted to try it, am I uploading it here in case someone wants to give it a go. Please if you are reading this and you can upgrade this "mod" to the more recent versions and some of the files here can help you, go ahead and make us happy :) 

As I said, I'm no modder, so all I did was to change the .xml vanilla files and put in the Europe map that you can find here Credits for the map go to him! I was not able to contact him so if he wants me to delete his map from my files I will. In that case you'll have to download the folder "MainMap" from his mod page.

Banners! Super cool, but they aren't mine, only a couple of them. Credit goes to their original creators: Stevan0311

I know I also included one or two banners from reddit so, please, if you see your banner or anything else that is yours here, let me know. I don't want to take credit for something that isn't mine :)

What's in the mod?
  • Europe Map
  • Medieval troops for every kingdom
  • New kingdoms, troop trees, European settlement names
  • Some "historical" nobles. (Rulers, mostly)

What's not in the mod?
  • Historical accuracy of any type either in troops, names, banners etc
  • Custom descriptions of lords and settlements (they are default vanilla)
  • Anything that involves coding of some sort
  • Modifications to Khuzait kingdom. Too lazy, sorry. I renamed them as Mongols and changed troops names. Same for Aserai who now are Almohads. For this one at least I changed 99% of their settlement names
In a nutshell this is a very lazy, meh-quality conversion suitable for people that just want to mess around in a non-accurate medieval Europe.

  1. Back-up all the files in your game main directory with the same name as the ones in the mod that are in the same folders
  2. Replace as required

The original map had an issue with the terrain type (the whole map was considered "plain"). That's a problem since desert and steppe battle terrains wouldn't pop up. You're fighting in North Africa against some nice looters and when you jump into action you're suddenly in the middle of a meadow. This has been fixed. I changed the battle terrains to be all considered as plains and using this mod: you can choose which map you prefer.
Desert maps:
  • e
  • g
  • y
  • 010
 Steppe maps:
  • 006
  • 012
  • 013
  • 014
  • 018
The other ones are plains

Swadian armory
mod is required since many troops use items from it.

I also recommend using the mod POC colour randomizer so banners don't get messed up when clans change kingdoms (I'll also upload my personal config.json for you to replace it) 

Most of the new stuff is in Spanish (sorry, my first language :) )

If you are a Spanish player using the latest "Caballeros de Calradia" translation, I'll also upload a fix so you can use it in the 1.5.4 version of Bannerlord

I think that's basically it. I won't be updating the mod since... I don't know how to, please enjoy it as it is :)