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Adds several new clans, bandit factions, lords, units, and spawns into the game. All with Lore and Immersiveness (some faction units use some other culture gear do to the sheer lack of armor for some cultures and sometimes to keep balancing and I like the way it looks.) - 2 Versions now! One that requires Custom Spawns and one that doesnt!

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT: This is a reworked (100+ hours put in) Version of Rise of the Clans AKA: LooterLord. Do not use these mods together! I suggest this mod over the other! I have put a lot of time and long nights into this during my furloughment so please use this one. Thank you. Version 1.0.2+ now requires Swadian Armory! Big thanks to ADamnSexyName for the Wonderful Mod!

Two Versions!- This mod has two versions. One that requires Custom Spawns API and one that doesn't. The one that doesn't essentially gets rid of the forced diplomacy (now makes them all outlaws to their specific correlating cultures instead of just declaring war on everyone) and unique spawns but keeps all the Clans and Bandits. Bandits will still spawn just not from hideouts. They have a looter spawn theory, meaning everywhere. Also in this one the new Clans may sign on as mercenaries. This will affect their banners in peculiar ways. Nothing I can do about it.

ALSO IMPORTANT: 1 version of this mod requires the Custom Spawns mod to run. I suggest using the Clean API (loaded above this mod in load order) with this mod when using Chaotic Calradia for the fist time to get the full experience of this mod! It adds a lot of things to the game as does the full version of Calradia at War (Custom Spawns) and can be a huge burden on your game. If you do want complete Chaos though you may use them both (And any other submod that uses this API) at the same time. Also a big thank you to Anopey's mods for creating the basis for some of Bannerlord's best mods so far!

Now that we got that out of the way I want to explain what this mod brings to the table. First off, I am not an experienced modder. I have learned a lot from the Dev Team, and Sub Mod Devs, over at Calradia at War, and am still learning a lot. So please be patient with me. I do make mistakes.

AS A WHOLE: This mod adds as follows:

14 new Factions/Clans (8 Clans/ 6 Bandit Factions)
130+ Units (More to be added with future updates)
90+ New Spawns (More to be added with future updates)
21 Lords - 14 Very Strong "Hero Units" and 8 new NonLord heroes that lead the unique spawn armies. (Possibly more to be added)
Diplomacy for newly added Clans.
8 new cultures! 1 for each new Clan. These are fully made usable cultures!

With Conqeuror Update!- If you want to use the new Cultures two mods are required! Changing Culture and Select All Kingdom Culture! big thanks to HeloKero13 for those mods! If using Cultured Start you cannot choose any starting Position or background besides the basic ones if you chose one of my custom cultures at the start. This will crash the game. I may talk to the mod author to find a compatibility update!

This mod adds a grand total of 14 new factions to the game. (8 new clans and 6 bandit factions) The new Clans are based throughout Calradia with at least 1 being in every main culture region. The bandit factions are similar to this as well though sometimes a little more scattered. The Factions are as follows:

Clans/Factions: The Reaver Horde (Khuzait), The Kyon Brotherhood (Vlandia), The Banished Tribes (Aserai), The Bear Clan (Battania), Dregus's Raiders (Sturgia), and Nova Imperium (Empire) (Will possibly create two more in order to infest each individual Empire kingdom with its own at a later date.), Calradic Cleansers (Kinda like the Bounty Hunter Faction) (Lords will spawn in Vlandia near Pravend due to the lore I created for them but their spawns will be scattered across all of Calradia, will clean this up when I find time.) and finally the Cult of Kethar (Intended to be like Demon Warshipers and the likes from the popular Warband Mods Perisno and PoP.)

Bandit Factions: Jovikar Raiders (Vlandian Western Coast), The Unshackled (Scattered throughout Empire Kingdoms), The Slaver Syndicate (Khuzait), Rogue Varangians (Northern Empire, some of Vlandia, and Sturgia), Woodland Berserkers (Battania and some of Western Empire.) Children of Asur (Aserai and sometimes Southern Empire).

These are all the factions I have added, with most of, if not all IMO, of their Lores being tied into the original Bannerlord Lord (In terms of the new clans, their is no lore for the bandits for they do not show up under clans or kingdoms in encyclopedia.)

Added Units/Lords:

Each new Clan has 3 Lords, except for the Cult of Kethar which has 1. Each of these lords has gear representing their faction, an army of their faction units, and their own individual lore and story. (My girlfriend helped a lot with this part and even designed a few (looks and story wise) herself based on the intended Lore I shared with her. WARNING may be a little cheesy at times.)

I have "HeroSpawns" in parentheses because they are not technically heroes in the game. They are just really strong units that the added spawn armies of each faction will have 1 of leading them. Thus there are 14 of them.

Units: Each Faction/Clan has its own personalized unit tree. (Keep in mind this will not stop Lords from recruiting from Villages/Towns or recruiting from defeated parties' prisoners.) These trees consists of 9-13 units per Clan with the exception yet again of Kethar which has 6 total, and 5 (this includes the hero spawn unit)  units per Bandit Faction. NOTE: The bandit faction units I created upgrade amongst their own tree, they will not upgrade into their corresponding culture tree like other bandits do.

The unit tree consist of types corresponding with the culture they are based off such as the added Khuzait Clan (Reaver Horde) and bandit faction (The Slaver Syndicate)  consists of mainly Cavalry and so on. These guys (all added new units) are pretty strong and I suggest using mods like Bannerlord Overhaul or my very first mod I ever made Strengthened Calradia (que self promotion music) to contend with these. If you want an added Challenge however you may try your luck with base units.

NOTE: I tried very hard to keep the units as immersive as possible (keeping the gear relative to the culture they coincide with) but due to the sheer lack of armor and appropriate weapons for some cultures (and my own ability to make them, I know it can be done and will learn how to to install into future updates) some units will have gear from other cultures. Again I tried vary hard. Please be gentle with me.

Spawns: Honestly my favorite part of working on this. And the one I intend on updating the most of for a number of reasons among which its fun, save game compatible, and can create even more Chaos.

The Spawns: Each added Clan and Bandit Factions have unique spawns associated with them. I'm not a very creative person so the spawns may have overlapping names, but I tried to keep them related to the persona I gave that Clan/Faction. These spawns will consist of units of that Faction.

Where do they Spawn: The unique spawns of the new Clans will spawn in the culture they are associated with. The Unshackled spawns for instance will spawn in Empire Territory most of the time. There are Spawns that are meant to spawn in outside culture lands such as the Tribal Wanderers, which spawn in Vlandia, Empire, and Khuzait lands. This is intended for a multitude of reasons, of which chaos is one of them. Bandit Factions however are assigned to spawn to their correlating hideouts. (I originally had custom hideouts made for these in place of the standard hideouts but for some reason it wasn't working out and am seeking help in resolving the issues. Once resolved I will reimplement them. :D) Jovikar for instance will spawn on the Western Coast of Vlandia where Sea Raider hideouts are. There are (for now) 3 designated hideouts of the corresponding bandits that the new bandit factions will spawn from. These hideouts do not have to be actively spawned for the spawns to come from them. Kethar and Calradic Cleanser parties will spawn at random places spread throughout all cultures as is intended due to the lore I made for them.

Lord Spawns: I have not completely figured out how to do this yet, but new Clan Lords are intended on spawning anywhere in their coexisting Kingdoms, Dregus's Raiders in Sturgia for instance, at any spot in that kingdom. Due to not yet figuring it out I have given them specific spawn coordinates to spawn within a short distance of a certain place in those kingdoms. The Kethar Lord will have a random new spawn point every time he resurrects, and the Calradic Cleanser Lords will spawn close to Pravend due to the lore I have created for them. If you wish to fight any of these lords, or see their armies up close, use the console command to find them.

Types of Spawns: For now each Clan has similar types of spawns. (Will make more unique with coming updates.) and the same goes for bandit faction spawns. Each Clan has 6-7 unique spawns with varying chances and max party on map limits. Weaker parties have higher chance and higher max number on map while stronger have lower chance with fewer respectively. These can range anywhere between scouting and looting parties (15-35) and armies (400+). Each bandit faction has 2-3 unique spawns but way more of them. Due to some circumstances I have modified some party speeds to make them either a little slower or a bit faster. TO HAVE THIS INTENDED AND I THINK DRASTICALLY NEEDED CHANGE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MODIFY PARTY SPEEDS SET AS TRUE IN THE CONFIG FILE OF THE CLEAN API OR CUSTOM SPAWNS FOLDER. ALSO PARTIES SPEEDS AFFECTED BY THE API ARE KINDA BUGGED IN THE FACT THAT YOU NEED TO SAVE AND RELOAD ONCE FOR THE OVERWRIDDEN PARTY SPEEDS TO TAKE EFFECT. I SUGGEST DOING THIS AFTER ALL FACTIONS HAVE FINALLY DECLARED WAR ON YOU (AFTER FIRST COUPLE DAYS.) (Horde and Slaver syndicate, and sometimes Tribal parties will run you down if not activated for they are mainly Cavalry based. You have been Warned.)


At the start of the game almost all Clans, with the exception of the Calradic Cleansers, will declare war on you. This is yet again intended. They will also declare war on all kingdoms and other Clans, minor included, again with the exception of the Calradic Cleansers who will declare war on all outlaw clans and the Empire Factions only, due to lore reasons. Bandit Factions are bandits so they hate anyone that isnt a bandit. Duh.

Recommended mods to be used with this one:
Seperatism by Kir58
Supply lines by Cheyron
Bannerlord Overhaul by PersonalityX
The Knighthood Order Only Mod by UndefinedT
Bannerlord Tweaks Update by Jiros
Custom Tavern Mercenaries (Will allow you to sometimes recruit my newly added units in taverns) by Roctric
Special Loot by Helokero13

In Conclusion:

Thank you for checking out my Mod. I have worked very hard to put this together. The initial release may be wonky, despite my own testing, and I would appreciate any feedback at all that you have to give me. Thank you so much.