Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a Realistic Battle Mod patch for the current version of Swadian Armoury. (mod version 1.1.6)

Working on game version 1.2.8 . Should also work for any previous versions supported by Swadian Armoury.

THIS IS A FILE REPLACEMENT. You MUST download and install Swadian Armoury before this patch.

Permissions and credits
As mentioned above, this is a patch to align Swadian Armoury's armour values to those in the Realistic Battle Mod.
Without this patch, Swadian Armoury armours will be severely underpowered as RBM only changes vanilla armour values.

Working in Bannerlord game version 1.2.8 and all prior supported versions of the Swadian Armoury mod.

Armour values have been set so Swadian Armoury armours are roughly as strong as the higher tier armours in the game.

Balanced vs. Slightly OP
  • With the balanced version, Swadian Armoury's armours will be strong, compared to vanilla armour, but not necessarily the best. They are roughly equivalent to the strongest vanilla armours.
  • In the slightly OP version, Swadian Armoury's armours are a little stronger than even the best vanilla armours.


If you feel like fine tuning the armour values for your own purposes, its super easy!
Armour values can be changed to your liking by editing the items.xml and changing the values associated with head_armor, body_armor, arm_armor and leg_armor for a specific piece of equipment.