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Beyond the edge of the Vorndgad Forest, where the trees thin out and the Karth River’s source can be seen, lies Karthwasten, the most sprawling and prosperous city in The Reach. Conquered in a bloody siege decades ago, the peace between native Redguards and conquering Nords has been an uneasy one; something not helped by the actions of the impetuous King-appointed Jarl, Jona the Ansei-Ender. Banished to Dragonstar, a thane governs in her place over a city that has almost as many secrets as it does traders.

Beyond the city limits lies Karthwasten County. The Lorchwuir Heath is less claustrophobic than the forest but hardly less dangerous; bandits lie in ambush to attack unprepared caravans on the way to Karthwasten, whilst wild beasts and worse roam the low fields and skulk in their caves. Further afield still, atop the rocky mesas in the distance, Reachmen make their camps, shunned by everyone except their own kind.

Will you spend your wealth in Karthwasten’s markets, or amass it outside the walls?

The Skyrim: Home of the Nords Team are proud to present the second release in our efforts at bringing the province of Skyrim to the world of TESIII: Morrowind. It represents the work of many talented modders over the past few years and includes the following features:

- 200+ exterior cells of landscape
- 150+ interior cells, including the massive city of Karthwasten, an explorer’s paradise, as well as dozens of locations for you to loot in classic TES fashion.
- A comprehensively revamped Karthgad and Vorndgad Forest from the first release.
- Specially-modelled exterior and interior assets to flesh out the settlements of the Reach, including Reachmen camps and Direnni ruins.
- NPCs with extensive dialogue, along with and some quests in Karthgad, Karthwasten, and the surrounding wilderness. Additional quests will follow in subsequent patches.
- New books, armor, clothing, weapons, and more.

Installing the Mod:
Copy all contained files into your Data Files folder. Make sure to have at least Tamriel_Data Version 03 installed. Tick Sky_Main.esp in your launcher. If you use MGE and you wish to use MGE-animated grass, do not tick the Sky_Main_Grass.esp in the launcher, but only use it, when generating distant lands.

Playing the Mod:
Speak with Jurid Fast-Travel in the Ebonheart Skyrim Mission to travel to Karthwasten Docks, or speak with Haldine at the dock to travel back
to Ebonheart.

Known issues:

Using original morrowind, being taken prisoner crashes the game. It works with OpenMW.
Using original morrowind, the ingame map will not follow the player to the new landmass. It works with OpenMW.
Using original morrowind, npcs and creatures show jittery body parts. This does not happen with OpenMW. Only OpenMW does not have distant land and animated grass (yet).

Future Updates:
Future releases will include additional NPCs and quests for this release area, notably in the village of Haimtír. Beyond that, the cities of Dragonstar and Markarth are fully completed exterior-wise and interior building will commence soon. Nearly all of the remaining exterior landscape to complete the Reach is otherwise completed or in-progress. If you’d like to get involved with where things are, please follow the links below.

About SHotN:
We have been working on bringing the lands of Skyrim to TES:3 for almost ten years. The Skyrim we aim to make is our own interpretation, rather than a copy of Bethesda’s work in TES:5. Based on lore from the Pocket Guides to the Empire and other additional sources, we’ve based our creations on what you might expect from having played Morrowind rather than later games in the series. A comprehensive and sustained effort from model-makers, landscape designers, interior-fiddlers and quest-wranglers has allowed for this latest anniversary release.

If you would like to join us in the effort to bring Skyrim to life, please find us at
Alternatively, come hang out in the Project Tamriel Discord:, the best place to chat with our team or find out what the latest progress is.