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A MUSE conversion for Morrowind of ak0d's The Northerner Diaries for Skyrim, which adds some tracks from Jeremy Soule's Northerner Diaries into Skyrim and Solstheim regions. Intended for use with Skyrim Home of the Nords.

Permissions and credits

The Northerner Diaries in Morrowind - SHOTN version
In The Northerner Diaries, Immersive Edition, ak0d curated 9 tracks from Jeremy Soule's The Northerner Diaries to be used in Skyrim exploration tracks. I have ported over their work for use in Morrowind, specifically for Solstheim and Skyrim Home of the Nords. I have also used qwertyquit's MWSE config files from MUSE - Music of the North.

The Northerner Diaries was originally available on Jeremy Soule's Bandcamp, but ak0d notes the album is still available in a reduced quality on Amazon.

I used Skyrim Audio Converter to convert the files from .xwm to .mp3.

Jeremy Soule has granted modders permission to use the Northerner Diaries in their work. Information regarding this can be found in this VGR article.

Note: Various MUSE mods use different names for the music folder used for the Solstheim and Skyrim regions. This mod follows MUSE's naming, "Solstheim pack." MUSE - Music of the North and Songbook of the North use the name "North pack." Folder names may need to be changed to maintain consistency. Alternately, the files from the Music folder in this mod can be transferred to the folder containing the rest of your Solstheim music.

Install folder 00 The Northerner Diaries, 01 if using Skyrim Home of the Nords, 02 to add the music to Solstheim, and 03 if using The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain.

Other suggested mods:

  • Jeremy Soule
  • ak0d for the original Skyrim SE mod
  • Rytelier for MUSE
  • qwertyquit for the MWSE config files and mod structure
  • JohnBSkyrim for Skyrim Audio Converter