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A player house for the city of Karthwasten from Skyrim Home of the Nords expansion. It is located outside the northern city gates. You can buy this house with a basement from Eumand in the Red Palace for 4800 septims. Or get it for free if you do the final city bounty from the captain of the guard.

Permissions and credits
A house for Karthwasten city from Skyrim Home of the Nords, a province mod by Project Tamriel´╗┐. With a quest to buy it.
It is intended to be a realistic way to live comfortably for the PC while on SHotN playthrough.
There's plenty of containers (all empty) and a basement with an extra bunk.

You can buy it from Eumand in the Red Palace. You need to first ask any commoner on the street about Karthwasten to make the topic house in Karthwasten appear in Eumand's topic list. If you want to be sure, ask the fast-travel man at the stables.

The price is 4800. Location: outside the northern gates of the city, next to the stables (close to travel/teleport points).
You can have this house for free as a reward for completing the final bounty quest for the city - Eumand will recognize this so you don't have to make any arrangements yourself.

Version 1.2 updates:
- I removed all light sources so the player would have to manually buy them and decorate their new home. In addition, the fireplace will no longer be lit if you break into the house without buying it.
- I scattered some litter items around the floor and the shelves. This mess was left by the previous owners. You'll have to pick it up to make your new house nice and clean.
- I have added a small attic under the roof. It can be used as an additional storage place by those who can't fit their treasures in the containers below. The attic currently can be only accessed by levitation or high Acrobatics though. As there is no aesthetically pleasing way to put a ladder to it.
- I moved some furniture around to make more space and lowered some shelves as I thought they were too high.
- Added a small anvil to the basement. I just thought it looks nice and fitting. There's a couple of repair tools as well.
- Added window lights for natural illumination. Lowered the basement quite a bit so these window lights won't affect the basement.
- Rewrote some dialogue entries to sound cleaner and to the point.

Just drop it in your Morrowind directory

It does not edit or delete any of SHotN content other than adding a house by the main entrance to the city.
It only adds some extra lines to the vanilla Karthwasten dialogue topic and gives new related dialogue to Eumand.

To the community of Tamriel Rebuild and Project Tamriel for creating wonderful content and teaching me how to mod.
And to Morrowind Modding Community for their kind feedback.