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Songbook of the North is a MUSE plugin that adds 5 original tracks which will be heard exclusively in the territories added by SHotN. It's sort of an unofficial soundtrack, as I'm not officially affiliated with the SHotN team

Permissions and credits
Songbook of the North - A music mod for Skyrim: Home of the Nords

I consider Skyrim: Home of the Nords to be one of the best Morrowind mods, even in its current unfinished state. However, it's a little weird to travel to the reach and be hearing the same music tracks you've been hearing while in Vvardenfell. With that in mind, I decided to write some original music that would be more fitting to Skyrim's snowy landscape, as sort of a small unofficial Soundtrack for SHotN. You can hear the five tracks in the youtube video below

In order to make these tracks play exclusively in Skyrim you will need to install MUSE - Morrowind Music System Extended

In case you want a higher quality download of the music (the ones included in the Mod Zip file are 128Kbps MP3s because any higher bitrates cause Morrowind to display an error message) there's a free download avaliable on bandcamp

How to install:
1. Install MUSE and SHotN if you don't have them yet
2. Unzip this mod to a temporary location.
3. Copy the Skyrim Pack folder to Data Files\Music\MS\region
4. Copy the MS_r_Skyrim to Data Files\MWSE\config\MS

Music composed, arranged and produced by Juan Carlos Hernández Suárez (a.k.a. imsobadatnicknames in the Nexus) under the Ancestral Warchants band name
All tracks are released under an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. This means you're legally allowed to redistribute, use, adapt, remix, or otherwise transform them for any commercial or non-commercial uses as long as you:
1) Give the appropriate credits and indicate if any changes to the material have been made.
2) Distribute any transformative material built upon them under the same license.

Notes and future plans
-I might make a second batch of songs for this project sometime in the future. If that's the case, expect a mod update.
-Naturally, as SHotN adds more regions to the game, the .json file included here will need to be updated to make sure the music plays in the new regions too. I will try to keep it updated, but in case I forget to upload a new version, it's an easy fix to update the file manually.