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Patching A Forest for improved tree placement and compatibility

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A Forest is the green mod I can't live without, but nothin' ruins my 'mursion more than trees growing out of buildings that shouldn't oughta. Let's fix that.

The Base Mod Patch fixes and adjusts trees all over the map. I remove trees that completely clip through things or block your way, adjust trees to reduce clipping into buildings as much as possible, and generally try to reposition trees to make them more sensible and atmospheric. If you run A Forest, you're gonna want this. Also patches out a few trees that conflict with some commonly-used mods like Tales from the Commonwealth, Sim Settlements 2, South of the Sea, You and What Army 2, Immersive Hub City Auto Wreckers, Sanctuary Hot Springs, and probably other mods I don't feel like making separate patches for. If you find more trees that oughta be fixed, please leave a comment.

The Base Mod Patch is now also compatible with Spiffyskytrooper's Minuteman Watchtowers Redux. Although note, if you also use South of the Sea, you'll need 4estGimp's South of the Sea patch as well.

These are ESL-flagged ESP files. Load them directly after A Forest.

So far there are compatibility patches for:

Away From It All AKA The Pond by GreekRage

Boston Emergency Services Mod by CelsiuZ

Camp Tenpines Bluff - Redux by undernier
This mod is insanely good, and it really feels like a camp out in the forest.

Circle the Wagons - Red Rocket Overhaul by undernier
(also patch for Nice Bush)

Concord EXPANDED by Cryptdick (Poet's version)
WIP, might still have conflicts.
If you also use Boston Emergency Services Mod, load this patch after both A Forest and Concord Expanded. It'll disable a house and vehicle that conflict with a fire station near Concord.

Fort Hope Revisited by GreekRage
Make sure you load the patch under A Forest, but somewhere above the Fort Hope mod.

Hanscom AFB - Settlement
by Senki01

Horror at the Prison Camp - Starlight Drive-in Overhaul by Undernier

Immersive and Extended Lexington by MoreLikeVicky (Poet's version)

Jalbert Brothers Expansion by wanderer3292

Madkea by madunit

Mechanic's Rooftops - Theater District Settlement by wanderer3292
Even if you're not into settlements, you should really grab this mod. It fleshes out the area perfectly.

MoreXplore by Synpathy (Poet's version)
(also patch for Nice Bush)

Murkwater Now a Real Construction Site by GreekRage
I took out the trees growing out of rock walls and a few that weren't scrappable, but left some trees that are scrappable in the main build area. You need more wood, right?

Plenty o' Exploration by DangoSan

Ryn's Fallout 4 by Ryn2g

Sanctuary Hills Overhaul - Redux by undernier
The big tree in the cul-de-sac still clips through the treehouse, not sure what to do about that.

Somerville Place has been Greekraged by GreekRage
(also patches for Immersive Candles and Nice Bush)

USAF Satellite Station Olivia How it Should Be by GNOMOO3
(also patch for Mutilated Dead Bodies)

Vault 28 - The Absent Ghoul by GAZarts1


Leave a comment if there's a mod you'd really like to see patched. Just don't say Atomic World. I'm not doing Atomic World. But if you're into Atomic World, check out this patch.

Want to make your own patches? It's not too hard:

  • Open the console, select the tree you want gone, and note the formid. That's the number you'll see in the middle of your screen.
  • Open A Forest with xEdit and search for the formids. Right-click on the record of the tree in the left panel, and select "Copy as override into..."
  • If you're making a new patch file, choose an ESL-flagged ESP and give the file a name.
  • Now in your patch file, select the record you just copied. In the right pane, near the top you'll see "Record Flags". Set that to "Initially Disabled", and uncheck "Visible When Distant" if that's there.
  • If you wanna get all fancy, you can move, resize, and/or rotate trees. In this case, AutoHotkey Object Mover is your new best friend.

Save. Done. Savor your sweet, sweet 'mursion. Also if you send your patch files to me, I'll upload them here and make you famous.