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Heavily expands the structural layout of Jalbert Brothers Disposal. Makes the location into a fully functional settlement, and adds a cozy bunker player home with crafting workbenches that are linked to the settlement workshop. Pre-combined meshes fully intact. Fully compatible with Sim Settlements 2!

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Jalbert Brothers Disposal consists of exactly 4 cells that the workshop boundary covers. There is a hatch next to the small shed that leads to a small player home. Within the settlement I have added a large warehouse building with a robot workbench, new shacks and living spaces, a bunch of shipping containers, and furniture markers for settlers. I covered radiation barrels within the small shed and added a power armor bench. I disabled all of the mole rats and their animation markers, radiation hazards, corpses and blood splatter decals. I also edited the location data to not be considered a dungeon which should keep radiant quests from sending the player here. The location itself that is pictured has been completely created in the Creation Kit. With all of these new areas that npc's and the player can explore, I've also very carefully edited the navmesh to reflect the changes in the area. This means settlers will fully sandbox and hang out in all of the areas I've created. I made heavy use of X edit to carefully go over my edits and to not break pre-combined meshes.

Player Home:

The player home is an underground bunker that consists of a trailer and some shipping containers that are connected. The hatch is located next to the workshop workbench and the small shed. It is very small, just a survival base consisting of the necessities. There is a bed and food items, and some hydroponics planters consisting of most of the rare flora. 4 linked workbenches that are also linked to the exterior settlement, and some containers that are safe for storage. I have decorated with static decorations, and included a "custom" chemistry station. Companions will follow you into the bunker and make comments.

This location will function just as any vanilla settlement. I used the working guard stations and other furniture from CvC's Dead Wasteland to assign my settlers into the nooks that I wanted them to inhabit, although they seem to sandbox the entire area pretty well on their own. I have placed workshop beds in the shipping containers and other areas that would be inhabited. When first initializing the workshop make sure it comes up with 50% happiness. I have literally never experienced anything other than 50% happiness with my settlement mods, but in case it does not show 50%, reload the save and try again.

Overall, my goal was to create a location that is worth visiting even without building a huge layout or quests. I have built what is basically an empty skeleton of a settlement.

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