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Allows you to bury corpses

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This is a small mod which allows you to bury corpses. It should work on dead NPCs, on certain "container" corpses, and on skeletons*. Once buried, you can then "flatten" the grave, hiding it permanently.

* Skeletons must have a name to be buryable. An optional patch for that is included.

You have three options on how to perform the burial:

Activation Option
Corpses recieve an option like "Space) Bury", which does just that. You can select in which case this option is shown:
  • Never: Disables burial via activation option
  • Always: Shows this option for all corpses
  • Must have shovel: The option is only shown if you have a shovel. Either a vanilla shovel or a Gravedigger's Shovel (see below) work
  • Must have shovel equpped: You must have a Gravedigger's Shovel equipped in order to see the option.
Note: the Activation Option is not available if you have the "Cannibal" perk.

Gravedigger's Shovel:
The Gravedigger's Shovel can be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench (or Tech Lab, if you use Horizon), and can be equipped like a weapon. To bury a corpse, simply hit it with this shovel.
Note: if you upgrade from version 1 and have such a shovel already, you need to get rid of it and craft another.

If you have MCM installed, you can use it to set a hotkey for Grave Digger. Then, simply look at a corpse and press it.

If you have Fo4 Hotkeys installed, you can do the same using "cqf praGraveDiggerQuest pickObjectFirstPart".
Additionally, you can toggle the activation option using Fo4 Hotkeys using "cqf praGraveDiggerQuest togglePerk".

If you do not use MCM, there is also a config holotape. You should recieve one after exiting Vault 111, otherwise you can craft it at the Chemistry Workbench.
If you do use it, you can disable the Chemistry Workbench recipe from there.

The "Activation Option" method will conflict with anything which adds additional activation options to corspes. A known conflict is the Tesla Cannon mod from the CreationClub.
If this affects you, you need to temporarily disable the Activation Option via the holotape or MCM. Or, if you are using the "Must have shovel" option, simply drop, store in a container, or give a follower any shovels you have on you for the time being.

While Loot Detector is compatible in general, it will keep highlighting graves. You can enable compatibility for it in the config holotape/MCM to prevent this, however, this also prevents the graves from being workshop-movable.

Installation/Load Order
Use Vortex or MO2. All files are ESLs, and should be up there with all the other ESLs. Conflicts shouldn't actually happen.

Optional Files
There are some optional files in the FOMOD:

Skeleton Patch:
The way perks work, they can only pick up objects which have a name. Skeletons have none by default. This patch sets it to "Skeleton".
Other mods do that as well, like Scrap Everything, so it might work for you without this patch.

Buildable Graves and Gravestones:
Adds a buildable grave (works as a container) and various gravestones to Decorations -> Grave Digger. The gravestones can be snapped to graves, both buildable and those you created by burying something. This requires Settlement Menu Manager.

There are also patches for VIS and Horizon included.