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Allows you to bury corpses

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This is a small mod which allows you to bury corpses. Once buried, you can then "flatten" the grave, hiding it permanently. By default, you must have a shovel with you in order to bury.

If you have one of the cannibal perks, you will need to either eat the corpse first, or to wear power armor in order to be able to bury.

A craftable config holotape is also added. There, you can toggle the mod itself, whenever you can bury NPCs which wear Power Armor (relevant for mods like Restore Power Armor Frames), or whenever you need a shovel in order to to bury.

If you are using Fo4 Hotkeys and want to toggle the mod via a hotkey, the command is "cqf praGraveDiggerQuest togglePerk"

Possible Issues
Please keep in mind that this is an ESL mod. This means, you will need the latest NMM or Mod Organizer 2 for this to work. Please also keep in mind that NMM at 0.63.19 is quite buggy. You will need to restart it after installing a mod, before ESL files will appear in the load order.

This will conflict with anything which adds additional activation options to corspes.