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Adds a new mechanic to gather meat, bones, skin and other materials from animals in a new immersive way.

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What is Hunter of the commonwealth (HotC)?

Hunter of the commonwealth adds a new mechanic to gather meat, bones, skin and other materials from animals in a new immersive way.


Inspect your prey and get several options which you can perform(Need to be bound in MCM):

Collect meat from your prey. The amount of meat depends on the weight of your prey. As an optional feature, the corpse will be dismembered on butchering.

You are a cannibal? No Problem! You can also butcher humans. HotC adds several new human related meat items.
Raw meat like, lower arm, upper arm, leg, eye, head, brain.
New cooking recipes for stews, soups and other meat related stuff, like bacon, jerky, etc. 

Collect blood (BoS Quest related)
Enemies will no longer hand them over to you after you kill them. You have to gather the blood samples directly from your prey. There is a chance for failure, which is similar to the drop rate of the vanilla blood samples.
If this is not immersive for you, you can enable test tube gathering. This can be toggled  with MCM. You can now craft test tubes to gather the blood samples. Test tubes can be crafted at the Chemstation.

Collect nuclear material & glowing blood
Instead of easily picking up your nuclear material, you now to make your hands dirty! 

Many items, that could be easily looted from a corpse, now need to be harvested. A Bloatfly will no longer hand you over it's gland. This also removes the random factor of finding specific items. If you want that Bloatfly gland, you can now get it at any time.

This options allows you to gather the hides of your prey. In addition to the vanilla experience, you can now also get hides from various other animals. For example, you can now also skin cats, dogs, rabbits, rats and more.

Is a corpse bothering you and lying around in your settlement and it doesn't want to disappear? Simply dispose it with HotC and it's gone!

Melee weapons as tools
Your combat knife is not only good to slice some ghouls, it also helps you to disassemble your prey. Not every melee weapon can be used and they also make a difference. Using a Switchblade will take you much longer than using a Ripper. All suitable melee weapons have been sorted as tools.

If you are using mod-added melee weapons and you want to use them too, don't worry, I got you covered. You can configure a hotkey with MCM, which will tell you, how good your current melee weapon is and if it's not covered, you have the option to add it. When no weapon is equipped, you can reset all weapons you have added.

Gain experience by processing your prey. Each level you gain will improve your hunter skills to decrease the time you need and increase the amount of meat you get from a carcass.

You can set a key in MCM to view your current level and experience.

The current maximum level is 5. Once you hit 5, you won't gain any experience anymore. I will add on this feature in the future!

Portable cooking pot
You can craft a portable cooking pot at the Chemstation, which you can carry around with you. It's a misc item, which can be dropped from your inventory in order to place it on the ground. Once you are done, you can pack it up again and carry with you.

No matter what action you perform, it will cost time. (Can be configured or disabled with MCM)

While processing a corpse your screen will fade to black and you will hear butchering noises. The bigger your prey, the longer it will take. (Can be configured or disabled with MCM)

With fade to black, butcher sounds and advance time(immersion)



HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Races <- add the race you want to patch
HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Meat <- add the meat item in a leveled list. The amount is multiplied by weight.
HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Misc <- Bones, Teeth etc.
HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Hide <- Skin, Hide etc.
HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Weight <- add a keyword from below:

Keyword - Example
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_SmallVery - Radroach
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_Small   - Molerat
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_MediumSmall - Mirelurk crab
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_MediumBig - Brahmin
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_Large - Deathclaw
HOTC_Keyword_WeightType_Gigantic - Mirelurk Queen

How does it work?
Patching works per position in the formlist. This means:
- Add one race to the HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Races it will be on position 0.
- If you want to add a meat item to this race, create a leveled list and add the meat item to this list.
- Add the created leveled list item to HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Meat.
- If you don't have a Hide item, you still have to add an entry to HOTC_List_CustomRaces_Hide. Use xEdit and add a NULL value at this position

This is how it looks in xEdit with a side by side comparison. xEdit sorts by record entries, that's why there is a shift. If you click them one by one through, they will always start in the first line. I added numbers to make it easier to understand. If you still need help, you can always visit my Discord or ask a question in the comment section.

Recommended for the full hunter experience:

Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)
Highly recommended, as it allows you to create your own camp with a fireplace and cooking pot.

Survival Configuration Menu
Features a brand new eat and drink system, which relies on weight of the item instead of the caps value and allows you to control it. In addition to that, you can tweak many aspects of the survival added features. Like tweaking disease chance, disabling Adrenaline. Choose how long you can maximally sleep on the different bet types. And more.