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Makes more existing locations valid as targets for radiant quests.

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I noticed a number of locations that never seemed to show up as targets for radiant quests, and when I investigated with FO4Edit, found several possible reasons for their exclusion:
  1. Missing keywords (e.g. LocTypeDungeon, LocTypeClearable, LocEncSuperMutants, LocEncGhouls)
  2. Encounter Zones marked to never reset (some quests only choose areas that can reset), even when there was no discernible reason to prevent the area from resetting. I have not extensively tested this yet, so if some of these have serious problems when reset, I might revert them.
  3. Trigger points - a few locations have the boss tied to an "Enable Parent" that is in turn tied to a "trigger", so that once you get to a certain part of the location, the boss becomes enabled for the rest of the game.  However, this means that if you haven't been into the location, you won't get sent there.  Seems to me that partially defeats the purpose of radiant quests.  (Note: this is separate from the "Enable Parent" used to replace named bosses with generic leveled npcs after defeating them the first time)
  4. Missing/Incorrect Parent Location - in a pure vanilla FO4 game, this might not have any obvious effect (though it could have some hidden side effects), but when using a "keep quests in the Commonwealth" mod, these locations would be excluded.  Some of the other changes may work when adding this mod to an in-progress game, but this one will probably require a new game to benefit from.
  5. No "Boss" or "BossContainer" reference - many locations already had these set up, but had other problems as listed above, yet a few made it easy to find refids to add to the Location record.

The changes made by this mod are mostly intended to affect vanilla radiant quests, but radiant quests added by mods could be affected as well, unless they rely entirely on a fixed list of locations and ignore other conditions like keywords.

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