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This mod consists of many different mashups of clothing, furniture, walls, doorways, roofs, turret stands, walkways, posters, etc across base game, Far Harbor, Nuka World & Automatron. The mashups don’t include armor which can be added per usual for clothing.

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Basically, while trying to create more content for my faction pack, The Regulators, I started to get tired of the same old outfits. It wasn't that I wanted brand new clothes (though eventually that's of some interest); I wanted to mix and match existing 'tops' and 'bottoms.' 

What started off as an effort to create a couple-few Regulators branded or themed outfits morphed into something a little larger. Currently, this mod consists of the following:
  1. 'Plain' outfits - These are mashups of clothing from the base game, Automatron, Far Harbor & Nuka World. The nifs have been changed (sometimes a lot), but the textures have NOT been altered. These could presumably port to console. 
  2. 'Custom' outfits - These are clothes in which textures have been modified to display a different color, pattern, logo, etc. It's highly likely the nifs have been changed, but this won't always be the case. 
  3. Salty Oat Outfitter - This is the miscellaneous furniture (alchemy) used to craft all outfits. Details such as a lighted work space, work related tools, and customized spools of thread, posters, and book/magazine covers were added to give it a more lived in vibe (see pics in Images section.) Right now, this is just for crafting outfits, but as content expands additional gear will be able to be crafted. A leveled list injection script for settlers is planned in the near future.
  4. Salty Oat furniture - These are mashups to give an in-use look. Currently coming in 'surf and turf' grills (2 of each), butcher table, biltong box, oven, & syringer table varieties. As they primarily serve a decorative role, they're designated with Deco. Later,  if there's interest, functional (crafting or vending) options will be considered.  
  5. Walls, roofs, doorways - Simply put want more variety. The learning process is helping to create future faction specific buildings and content for the Regulators. For interested SimSetttlement developers, 'under construction' (uc#) nifs have been added to be used in build animations. 
  6. Decorations - Added over 50 posters. Most are war propaganda posters promoting work, recycling, security, etc. Posters, signs and other decorations will continue to be worked on. 
  7. Miscellaneous - Always looking to recycle and modify something in game to give a different vibe. Be it a modded tent, mounted creature, magazine or book cover, etc.

Everybody doesn't use CBBE. During early outfit modding, I noticed CBBE added 1MB to each outfit. That adds up. So, for those reasons and others, I haven't included a CBBE version. Might revisit this decision but not now.

Creating over 80 outfits though technically simple has been a little tedious. I've tried to eliminate clipping but cannot guarantee all instances caught. If you find something, post a comment in the Posts section and I'll try to get to it time permitting. If you like the clothing mashups, give the mod an endorsement. It’d be appreciated. 

Background and Plans:
The original design intent of this mod was to 'feed' Regulator settler outfits; to offer a differentiator between them and the clothing worn by vanilla settlers or settlers of other factions. This idea has been tabled.

Even though there are quite a few mashups, there are a good number more to be made. 

This mod aims to support the vibe that Commonwealth settlers are scrappy but resourceful.