About this mod

Adds drivable/ridable Boats, in 6 body types, and various Boat accessories.
Also, 'Tiny House' interiors (when certain boat accessories are equipped)
A short 'just to get started' quest and a settlement are also included.

Permissions and credits
Back to immersive (not 'immersible', at least not intentionally)
and lore friendly with Boats.

Hello: =)
Adds drivable/ridable Boats, in 6 body types, and various Boat accessories.
Also, 'Tiny House' interiors (when certain boat accessories are equipped)
and a short 'just to get started' quest.
Ooo, and a settlement. ;-)
...and a small clothing piece 4 teh doggies! =D

Moving forward, we have quite a few other things on the way, though some may take a little longer...
...some may come without certain things that are doomed to be left by the wayside....
...some will be completely left off...
...BUT, we do plan on more and will update as we go. =)

-1) BY FAR the Junk Boats are the main part of this mod and the most refined.
The bigger boats, on the other hand, are very much a WIP and have a good bit to do still (including an interior for the Sail Boat and just about *everything* for the Fishing Boat).
....and the Long Wooden Speed Boat Of The Pink Lady ('LWSBOTPL' for short)...yeah, that's our silly boat...with awesome deskfan propellers and a Pink Lady...yes she's intended to be pink, I didn't just forget textures, hah.

0) Book locations are shown with a very basic 3-part quest. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.

1) Yes, the animations for boarding/disembarking are kinda lame. it will be worked on.
As a workaround, we've done a fadetoblack.

2) This is a small part of our other mod, The Small Addition (though this feature is not yet in over there), and it's treated as such really.
Probably the *current* most immersive drivable/driveable/rideable/ridable (seriously?) mod by us...with lots of 'if', 'else' and 'elseif' statements, heh.
(now I just need to remember to remove this note from our Trucks...)

3) Yes, collision is odd on the big boats (but really, who even tries to walk/swim through/into a boat...go around, weirdos! :P ).
It's really due to the size of them, there just isn't much can be done with something so big...and they are Teh Huge (reason why we left out the Tug Boat for the moment).

4) Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, VaultTec Workshop and Far Harbor are necessary, without recourse.

5) Pip-boy flashlight is really nice to have aboard, but the mining helmet makes an even better solution for night-time driving.

6) Yes, they have a bit of a problem staying above water sometimes when unoccupied. Best to run your boat aground before exiting (then use 1st person to back off the ground when ready, 4 Teh Ummersionz) due to some bobbing (above to below to above water surface) when at a certain distance. If you'd like to leave your boat in the open water and swim to shore often (goodness knows why), a workaround is to use TAI command (from within Console via ~, or tilde key, by clicking on boat and typing TAI) on the boat so that it will remain in a fixed position until you feel like entering it again via the E key.

7) THE Tiny House INTERIORS AND SETTLEMENT ARE PERSISTENT (even if you lose the Boat, next time you build that Tiny House attachment, it will have all the same stuff you put in it still there inside).
HOWEVER, camping with your Boat, using its Toolbox attachment or Raft, IS NOT PERMANENT. Things built while using Toolbox attachment or Raft are best picked up and taken with you when you leave the area (or only left for short amounts of time).
(In my snarky Boat voice: "Seriously, I mean...like...dur, stuff gonna be washed away or stolen...like...sooo...obvious!", heh...but really...pick up/store your stuff as this mechanic is intentional)

Credits (in no specific order):


Known Issues:
There's a few... =/

1) Mapmarkers (when they are equipped by the Antenna) are being a pain. Once equipped first time, then save and reload game, they work fine forever.

2) Do not try to enter power armor while on a Boat.

3) Do not try to enter another ride while on a Boat.

5) Asking a companion to ride is problematic. Just not consistent, really. If you do ask them (or Dogmeat) to enter, make sure they do before you enter...or tell them to do something else if they are taking too long.
Definitely, at the very least, some of the boats work better than others for companions.

6) Do not store your boat in the boat's own Outer Tool Kit (a remote workshop that can be equipped on the boat). If you do, accidentally, you'll have to re-place that one (though you'd obviously lose anything in its personal inventory) or build a new one while still in the Boat Tool Kit Menu...otherwise, it'll be *gone* gone until you get to another settlement and build a new one.

7) Best not to use the boat's own Outer Toolkit (a remote workshop that can be equipped on the boat for like camping) from within another settlement. We don't know of any exact problems, but feel like it doesn't sound like such a good idea.

1) When installed with any of those Button Lowered Weapons, Lowered Weapons, Weapon Lowered mods, dismounting the Boat may end with a face issue (though very rare). This is actually a vanilla bug (because we kinda sorta use little bits of Vertibird's as a base for these boats...tiny little bits). Exit the game and the face should come back. Otherwise, make a choice which mod you want to use, those or this.

2) Perk books that unlock everything are placed in cells around the Commonwealth, and could potentially conflict with other mods (those this mod would probably lose the conflict and carp up the book finding).
It's easy enough, however, to load this after that and then the books should show up no problem.

4) Any mod that edits the animations for vertibird mount/dismount. Confirmed issue with Vertibird Jump.

5) Ushi Brahmin Companion and the Ridable Robots mod.

To uninstall:
Leave any settlement, then save, exit and delete/remove all this mod's files manually or through your preferred mod manager application.
Don't forget to remove anything you've stored in the boats or the accompanying settlement, Croup Docks, of course, as that would all be lost on uninstall.

Recommended Mods:
1) Compact Crafting by Fadingsignal - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18264/?
Has small workbenches so you can fit more in the capsule/pod/crate

2)  Water Downed - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14169?
(just remember to park your ride *outside*...as you wouldn't want to get your boat suck *inside*, heh)

3) Repopulator - https://rd.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28300
Just a nice accompanying mod, similarly themed with some great features of it's own.

3) Not really a mod, but an ini edit to disable borders for some free, wide open sailing out in the ocean.
There was some fantastic work done out there by Bethesda and some cool locations to look around.
Just Google 'Disable Borders' and see where it takes you.

As always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt.

Thank you.