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For when you really want to ride a horse but realize "Dur, they're extinct"...
Adds drivable/ridable animals to the workshop menu.
4 Radstags and a stable!
Several Radstag accessories!

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For when you really want to ride a horse but realize "Dur, they're extinct"...

Hello: =)
Adds drivable/rideable Radstags and Radstag Stable to the workshop menu.
Build Stable to craft Radstag requirement and accouterments.

Moving forward, we have quite a few other things on the way, though some may take a little longer...
...some may come without certain things that are doomed to be left by the wayside....
...some will be completely left off...
...BUT, we do plan on more and will update as we go. =)

1) Yes, the animations for boarding/disembarking are kinda lame. it will be worked on.
As a workaround, we've done a fadetoblack.

2) This is a small part of our other mod, The Small Addition (though this feature is not yet in over there), and it's treated as such really, so we will maybe not do too much of the "Giddy broke its leg, fix it, find that pink key, build with these specific items found only on the south side of a yellow (but not brown) tree" ummersionz/minutia type stuff (that I'm not particularly fond of in this game myself, anyway).
We're looking mostly for a basic set of functionality and framework. However in the main mod (not this one), they will probably be unlocked and collected at various events.

3) They do things on their own (and I prefer to think of this as balance). Meaning they will stop and munch on a plant once in a while. May even get tired and disoriented, walking slower and unable to stop (though can still be directed, of course).

4) If you can't find them in the work shop menu:
The Stable and Radstags should be in their own category in the main workshop menu, normally far to the right end. If you don't see them (icon is a keychain with a Giddy head), try traveling to the center of another settlement (doesn't have to be a vanilla settlement, but does have to be a fully functional settlement) to kickstart the menu install script.

Credits for help in various ways and forms (in no specific order):

Known Issues:
There's a few... =/
1) One of the packs seems to blink in and out of display (bad bounding sphere, I know...but can't seem to get it right...if anyone wants to give it a shot, please feel free, I'd love the hand).
2) Do not try to enter power armor while on a ride.
3) Do not try to enter another ride while on a ride.
4) Can still (though rare) get stuck in drivers seat every once in a while with no control and no way to get out except to kill the ride.
5) Asking a companion to ride is problematic. Dogmeat's position is odd still (fixing soon), and the regular companions can cause issues while boarding/riding.

As always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt.

Thank you. =)