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If the title wasn't enough, this mod will let you build an aircraft, a single prefab, very tall, multi-leveled Tree House.

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Build a Tree House

This mod allows you to build a tree house, as you probably no doubt gathered. It's built as a prefab, like the other pre-built shacks so it's not something you can build up yourself from other pieces, it's comes as an all-in-one piece. Having said that, you can of course branch out decorate it as you want.

It's navmeshed so companions and settlers will, or should, be able to use it as well, touch wood. More on that below.

Like other shack prefabs, that's were it's located and it takes a lot of materials to build, I know mats don't grow on trees but for something so large I thought it obviously wood need a lot. It'll need:

250 Wood
25 Steel
75 Screws
20 Cloth

So of course it's mainly wood, but there's also some steel in its construction. In lieu of nails it takes a lot of screws, and there's some cloth pieces on it as well.

- Some settlements have a pretty low ceiling limit, therefore due to the height of the topmost levels you will workshop timeout. Settlements like Zimonja seem to be fine, Coastal however is not. I highly recommend Place Everywhere, (treemendous mod) which allows you to turn off workshop timeout, or a mod that allows you increase the height limits of settlements. Links below.

- As said it is navmeshed, and followers can reach the top. However due to dumb AI which leaves them stumped (and is everywhere anyway and I'm sure you noticed in those nice and elaborate settlements you've built before) it could be a struggle for them, mainly at the bottom of steps. Sometimes the saps struggle, sometimes not but they figure it out eventually, or they just warp to you at a certain distance. What a releaf. I hardly ever use companions anyway, I mean they're oakay, but I soon get board of 'em.

- Try and place it on as flat a surface as possible. I gave it a generously long navmash on the bottom first steps, so companions would be able to take their first step onto it. First time I placed it, it wasn't good as the follower couldn't seem to lumber on. So I moved it and that worked, so if they have trouble, try moving it first.

- If you are on the ground it may be difficult to place, half of it will be through the ground. Place it from an elevated position, then it will snap properly to the ground.

- One other little thing, when in workshop mode and you're placing objects willy nilly, be careful if you're right at the top and you highlight the tree house itself. If you pick it up and you're right at the top, well, you'll fall. Imagine sitting on the end of a branch and trying to saw it off. YOU'RE GONNA FALL!! It'll be embarrassing leaving you feel a shade of oakre.

- If any of that bothers you, well then, don't bark just leave.
Link to a mod that increases build height. Settlement Height Unlocked.
And Place Everywhere.

If you don't use or don't want to use a mod like Place Everywhere, and you probably should if you're a builder, to help placement and turn off the time-out, I've written a list of all exterior settlements pros and cons with building the tree house. It takes a lot of mats don't forget, it's wide also and things might get in the way. Try rotating it first, half the time that works. And it's tall, very tall meaning workshop time-out with some settlements. So here's my list:

Abernathy seems to be oakay, just. At the very top I was getting the timeout message but it's literally inches. There's also lower parts.
County Crossing is ok.
Kingsport Lighthouse, seems to be ok.
Nordhagen Beach, whoooo! one of my fave's is ok! Plenty of room and no timeout.
Red Rocket, not many places it can be planted without Place Everywhere, however height seems to be no problem.
The Slog, no problems.
Somerville Place, for some reason I was expecting this to be bad, but it's good even up on the hill.
Spectacle, on the highest part it'll timeout on the top shacks roof. However I put in the good because there's plenty of lower parts on the island and lots of room.
Starlight Drive-In has no problems.
Sunshine Tidings likewise is ok too.
Taffington Boathouse I thought would be time-out-y, but it's fine.
Warwick Craphouse....I mean Homestead, is fine.
Longfellows Cabin, made for tree houses I would've thought, well now you can build as many as you like, it's fine. In fact both Far Harbour & Nuka World settlements are absolutely fine.

Not so good:
Boston Airport the top level is out. Also can't place without Place Everywhere.
Coastal Cottage the top level times-out.
Egret Tours Marina, top level shack again.
Jamaica Plain, well if you can find a spot to put it, it times-out about halfway up.
Sanctuary, not so good. Plenty of room but low ceiling height.
Tenpines Bluff, nah, times-out halfway up.

Not bad:
Castle, lower courtyard is fine. Awkward to place on the walls, if you manage it (Place Everywhere to the rescue) the top shack timeouts.
Croup Manor, not much room to place, but if you manage it it's actually fine. Go figure.
Finch Farm is pretty good. On the ground it's good, up on the freeway it's pretty good as well but the roof on the top shack *just* times-out.
Graygarden as you'd expect like Finch Farm is ok because of the upper freeway, but on the freeway it times-out halfway up. (have you ever seen a tree on a freeway?)
Greentop, not bad. The top shacks roof is again *just* out.
Murkwater Construction top shack roof again.
Oberland Station, the highest part towards the southern end will timeout on the top shacks roof, anywhere lower should be ok.

Forget it:
Bunker Hill, where would you even put it.
Covenant, I don't think so...
Hangmans Alley, tree's too big anyway.

Mod Showcase

A youtube video is worth a thousand woods. Thank you Kottabos. And a quick shout out to the guys who uploaded the vids, many thanks.


Use NMM or manually place the two files in the data folder and activate with your choice of mod manager.

Beth, Nexus, Nifskope and Bodyslide team. You for downloading and anyone else I missed.

Thank you.