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This Mod adds more Vehickes to the Workshop e.g. train engine, boats and the Monorail

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Choo Choo Ch'boogie - More Craftable Vehicles

Ever wanted to rebuild civilization in a crashed plane? Ever wanted to become an traindriver or at least having a huge train enginestanding in your front garden to make your neighboor jealous? - If 'YES' was your answer then this mod is for YOU!

This Mod adds more Vehicles to the Workshop, all are found under Decorations > Misc Decor including:
  Crashed Airplane Wreck (includes: Front, Mid and End Fuselage, left and right Wings)
  the Train Engine
  the Monorail (Front/End & Midpiece)
  2 Railroad Boxcars
  2 Railroad Flatcars
   4 Trucks (2 with Tires, 1 w/o Tires)
  4 Truck Trailers (3 closed, 1 Flatbed)
  2 small Boats
  2 Tug Boats
  3 Nuka World Busses (normal, broken and dirty)
                                                                       The Nuka Monorail (not placeable atm, working on a sollution)
                                                                       The Vault Passenger Car (not visible atm, known bug)

Most of the vehicles are really big, so you may have trouble placing them in your setttlement, I recommend to use Place Everywhere by TheLich.

So far I haven't encountered any bugs or compatibility issues with other mods that add stuff to the Workshop.
I recommend placing the file really low on your load order in NMM

heavily recommended patch:
SMM Patches by Vanguard (Declutter your workshop menus)

know issues

the custom navmesh especially of the monorail parts are buggy, meaning sometimes settlers and companions won't enter or leave it properly.
i hope to resolve this issue in later updates
without 'place anywhere' some of the vehicles, especially the plane parts, monorail (also the Nuka World monorail) and ships are almost impossible to place so grab that mod if you want to enjoy my mod.