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CreationClub-less arcade machines

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There used to be the mod Craftable Arcade Machines. The author left, updates to Fallout 4 broke it, and at some point, a CreationClub paid mod with basically the same functionality was released. I remembered the old mod and tried to make it work again. However, there was criticism for doing that without the author's consent. To quote: "If you want to continue a mod and the author doesn't want you to patch, then rewrite it, give it a new name, make a new mod that does the same thing but better". So I tried doing just that.

I'm not much of a texture artist, so this is pretty much the best I can do. In case anyone wants to improve it, see the "Permissions" section.

Adds 6 craftable arcade machines (well, retextured terminals, to be fair). They require wireless power, allow you to play the corresponding holotape game, and produce 5 happiness.
They should appear under Power -> Misc, if you have the corresponding game holotape in your inventory. The holotape is not consumed, having it with you just unlocks the recipe.

The machines have similar snap points to Workshop Terminals, and will snap to each other if you let them.

The default version is an ESL and requires Automatron. There are also non-ESL and non-Automatron versions in the FOMOD installer.

Please keep in mind that in order to use an ESL mod, you will need the latest NMM or Mod Organizer 2.
If you use NMM, you need to install the mod, then restart NMM, then manually check the ESL file in the Load Order.