Old World's Containers and Decoration by Sakura9
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Added: 09/06/2017 - 01:12AM
Updated: 11/08/2017 - 04:07PM

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Last updated at 16:07, 11 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 1:12, 9 Jun 2017

Old World's Containers and Decoration (OWCaD) v1.6.5

This simple mod makes buildable few old world's containers and miscellaneous objects. Nothing cheat, nothing unblock and nothing clean. Only dirty old world's stuff which you can find all over commonwealth and now you can build them. All vanilla. Should work with any DLC.

I was looking for extension of construction objects, but most of that kind of mods unblocks some inappropriate stuff like clean pre-war and high-tech institute stuff. So I made this simple mod for myself, but you free to use it on any purpose.

Extract files into your Main game folder (Fallout 4). Activate mode.

Containers will be added in menu: Furniture --> Containers
Kitchen furniture will be added in menu: Furniture --> Miscellaneous
Other stuff will be added in menu: Decoration --> Miscellaneous

v1.6.5 - Bugged Mannequins removed, added new ones. So far no CTD (I tested all day!)
v1.5.1 - Just .ESP file. As it turned out, the mannequins can be the cause of CTD. This file removes those bugged mannequins from the game, so you can continue to play and enjoy the game. Until problem will be resolved. Sorry for inconvenience.
v1.5 - Now containers not respawn. Your items will be safe. Added few items: Hospital Lamps and Dressed Mannequins.
v1.4 - Fixed Campfires - not floats in air anymore. Fixed Fire - now properly sets and moves (still testing but looks promising).
v1.3 - Added few items and wall mounted containers (First Aid Kit, Wall Safe). I try to build monkey, but not animated yet (work in progress).
v1.2 - Added few items and kitchen furniture (Refrigerators and Stoves). Now you can move some Old World's scrap.
v1.1 - Added few items. This version includes explosive and non explosive tanks as variations (Full and Empty).

>>>  Please, do not upload this mod to other sites.  <<<

Enjoy the game!
Knowing issues:
1. Fire have visibility problem in some settlements - Nordhagen Beach, Finch Farm, Slog (not checking DLC settlements yet).
2. The mannequins could be bugged and cause crush. If you use v1.5 and earlier versions it is Highly not recommended build mannequins. Problem noticed.