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Transforms Workshop mode into a God simulator - giving you all of the tools you need to create amazing settlements.

Flight, Undo Buttons, Layers, Cloning Tools, Free Build Mode, and more!

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TLDR; Placing down full buildings or creating a bed from cigarette wrappers isn't realistic or immersive anyway, so let's go all out and turn this into a proper tool.  Workshop Mode becomes more like a creative tool, letting you move around freely and take advantage of tons of hotkeys to enhance your building experience.

Requires: Workshop Framework

Some Features Require: Mod Configuration Menu*

* You can use some features without MCM - but it is highly recommended due to the hotkey system it provides.


  • Freedom of movement without the pains of tcl
  • Autosave feature so you don't forget to save in WS mode
  • Undo/Redo hotkeys
  • Cloning tools - clone single pieces or entire portions of your design
  • Layers to offer complete control over your designs
  • Blueprint your layers and build copies of them in any settlement
  • Free Build Mode without tgm to bypass perks and ignore resource costs
  • Tracking system to activate settlers or workshop items and find the owned items or owner, respectively

Now open source! If you'd like to contribute to the mod or get some ideas of how you can tap into Workshop Framework (which was used as the foundation for WS+) head to the Github repository!

God Simulator

Workshop Plus will turn you into an invisible hand in the game world while you are in workshop mode. All of the options below can be turned off.

- Flight: You actually fly while in Workshop Mode, no tcl necessary. This means you can still interact with things over and over without having to toggle tcl on and off.

- Super Speed: You move incredibly fast while in Workshop Mode, to quickly get to the sections of the settlement you want to work on. Can be set to +50%, +100%, or +200%.

- Invulnerability: You won't take damage, or more importantly rads while in Workshop Mode - no more accidental death when working on your settlements.

- Invisibility: You will be completely ignored by NPCs while in Workshop Mode, so you can focus on your building. This also gives you the power to convert the game into full blown Tower Defense with the appropriate mods.

- Free Build: No more building materials required to build and bypasses perk requirements on workshop objects (they will still show the lock icon but can be built anyway). This option defaults to OFF because it prevents scrapping from returning resources which would be confusing.

Hotkeys (Require MCM)

- Clone: Pick up an item, press a key, you have a copy. If you have Place Everywhere, this even works with things you don't have construction records for - that means you can clone every item in the game, even normally scrap only things, or props and buildings from Sim Settlements!

- Undo/Redo: Over 1000 levels of undo support! Set up hotkeys and you can undo movements, placements, and scrapping with the press of a button. 

Notes on Undo/Redo 
 - If you undo the movement of a wired object, the wire will still be where it was when you moved the object - you'll need to reattach the wire yourself - but the power will still run even if you don't.
- Each time you enter a new settlement, your undo history is cleared.


Layers allow you to separate items and quickly hide or even duplicate them! This gives you the power of programs like Photoshop in your settlement.

- Multiple Layers: Up to 16 layers per settlement (1 is the default layer)

- Duplication: Entire Layers can be duplicated, allowing you to create a structure, make a copy, and then thanks to the toggle Display/Linking move your copy all at once anywhere you want in your settlement!

- Deletion: Transfer items between layers or even scrap them all in one go!

- Visual HUD:  HUDFramework integration to provide a visual module to help you use the Layers system.

- Toggle Display: Hide all of the items on a layer instantly, then re-display them again just as quickly.

- Toggle Linking: Unlinked items won't be picked up by Group Select, so you can separate out your items on to different levels so you can pull out the groups of items you want and move them in a group.

- Highlighting: Highlighting tools and toggles help you quickly identify which of your items are on a given layer.

Workshop Save*

*While this isn't the holy grail of being able to actually save in workshop mode and avoid having to wait for the transition - it can at least save you some steps and hopefully prevent you from ever losing much work in your design when the game engine decides to crash.

- Automatically exits you from workshop mode, and then puts you back in when it finishes saving.

- Hotkey available with MCM.

- Autosave option allows you to set a certain amount of time in Workshop mode where the game will automatically save.

How To Use

The "God Simulator" things will happen automatically when you enter Workshop Mode. To control the options, either access the MCM menu, or if you aren't using it, go to a Chem Workbench and craft the Workshop Plus Controls holotape under Utility.

To use the Layer system without hotkeys, go to a Chem Workbench and craft the Layer Control Module under Utility. You can Favorite this item and activate it to bring up options.

MCM allows you to use hotkeys in Workshop mode and is definitely the preferred way to control layers - so if you find it obnoxious to jump in and out of Workshop mode to work with layers - grab MCM and set up those hotkeys!

The Future

- Continue to expand on the features available to make Workshop Mode feel more and more like a creative tool.
- Copy layers to other settlements.
- Export layers for importing into different save files.

Special Thanks

The Rise of the Commonwealth team for constantly bitching about how bad Workshop Mode is, which inspired me to make this! 

Woodfuzzy, Krazyhorse, and Moonbeam for testing the crap out of this so I could feel comfortable releasing it...