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Replaces vanilla vendor counters with highly detailed counters.

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Frost's Vendor Counter Overhaul.

Standalone Version:
- adds an extra category under "stores". It has all of my heavily detailed, personal vendor counters. These all cost the same as vanilla counters to craft. They also require the same perks as vanilla counters.

Replacer Version:
- Replaces all vanilla counters with my models.


I made this because the vanilla vendor counters look like complete crap.
DO NOT uninstall while the game is running! You've been warned.

Please be aware, these models take a minute to pop in on the workshop menu. This will take much longer on an HDD. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to fix this.

Install an HD Diamond City texture pack, because a good portion of the counters use MetalFloorRidges01_d.dds, MetalFloorRidges01_n.dds and MetalFloorRidges01_s.dds.
It does not matter which one your download and this isn't a requirement.

- Fallout 4 + all DLC's

Option 1 - Use an automatic installation method. (I.E: Nexus Mod Manager, etc).
Option 2 - Manually install.

This mod should be compatible with other mods. so long as you don't overwrite the meshes.

Solution 1 - Install this mod and select "NO to this mod" when it asks you to overwrite.
Solution 2 - Install this mod After you install other mods and select "Overwrite".

There shouldn't be any bugs, but if there is anything, please let me know and I'll fix it.

I didn't see any performance hit, at all. I understand that not everyone has a nice computer. Please remember these are heavily detailed.
If you run into anything though. please let me know. I'll try my best to fix it.