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RAO tweaks and various sound mods merge/adjustments.

Permissions and credits

I wanted to tweak Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul mod but to enhance my game i merged other sound effects from mods that don't change much the vanilla feeling.

Fallout 4 have already a few years and many mods were done. With permissions and (hopefully) advantages to the authors, i decided to create this little project not just to simplify what's available on Nexus but also for users to have a place to check on audio/sound/growling suggestions.

Don't expect big changes since i want this to be as much compatible as possible and to let users choose their own sound mods. If you want to help and/or advice of better ways, please let me know.
I am in love with audio and that's what i can guarantee!

Please ENDORSE mods that you like and don't forget to check the TRACKING button to stay updated with any change.

Check my optional files for a few more patches on other mods!

- Base game and all DLCs.
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul (Optional plugin replacer available without this requirement).

Custom edits:
- Edit the default reverb sliders volume from RAO to balanced levels if the values don't get saved in between gaming sessions (Check image section to learn how to manually adjust its sliders for your taste).
- Custom edits affecting volume balance (for some of the integrated mods only). 
- Decreased 25% of multiple announcement speakers volume (DLC included).
- Files are archived in BA2 format.
- All plugins in this page are flagged as ESL for everyone convenience!

Integrated mods:
RAO- Vault Reverb Patch (Reduced version). Credits to jakelad.
Radio Reverb Fix. Credits to TheKetzku.
Radiant Birds + Less Radiants. Credits to indipindi for original mod and PaddyGarcia for the adjustment. *
Enhanced Main Menu Music (Default version). Credits to TheLagJag.
- "Trade and XP Sounds" edits from Unbogus Fallout Overhaul. Credits to EthicalLune. **
Immersive Squeaky Doors (Quieter version). Credits to Hicsuntdracones1.
Dogmeat Pawsteps. Credits to maximluppov. 
Resynched Power Armor Handling Sounds. Credits to LolzMan1325.
Better Automatic Weapon Sounds - No More Firing Loops. Credits to AngryZealot.
LFPAA - Less Frequent PA Announcements (Less Frequent version). Credits to Dayday8421.
- Power Armor Intercom Voice (Balanced version). Credits to LolzMan1325.
Better Fireworks Sounds. Credits to Vilgrym.
Can Chime Disarm Sound Removed. Credits to Darthsquirrel1217.
Barefoot Footstep. Credits to GrozaTerroristow.
- Zippo Sounds for Cigarette Lightning. Credits to Pootis.
Shut Up Brahmin. Credits to Thaylar.
Quieter Settlements (All in One Recommended Settings). Credits to Lemures32 and CAPGames.
Duffle Bag Sound Fix. Credits to Fadingsignal.

* Added conditions for RadGulls and RadCrows to be quiet at night and during bad weather.
** This mod removes the "ka-ching" sound of getting XP and place it only when you make a transaction.

MAKE SURE TO ENDORSE THEIR MODS and provide feedback!

Project Reality Footspteps - If you have a nuclear winter play-through there's a optional snow edition also!
Barefoot Footstep Extended - A more complex version of the one already integrated. Need to be installed after LOST Audio Tweaks.
P.A.M.S. - Power Armor Movement Sounds 
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter Sounds 
Health Sounds Redone 
Terrifyer or Horrorghouls Soundpack 
Robot Combat Audio Overhaul 
- Nick Valentine Far Harbor Voice Pitch Changer 
Commonwealth Gunfire Overhaul - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
Commonwealth Explosion Overhaul - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
Classic and Funny Fallout Death Narrations 
- RadBirds - Bird Sound Overhaul - Or go with this one if you prefer. Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
- Simple Bird Remover - If the buggy birds really get into your nerves! Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
- Ambient Wasteland - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
- Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).
- Inner City Ambience - An Urban Soudscape - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).
- Diamond City Ambience - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).

Some radios to tune in!
Radio Silence 
More Where That Came From - Diamond City Radio Edition 
Elvani's Track Pack for Diamond City Radio - Best using together with MWTCF. Install after that. 
Old World Radio - Boston - There's a RAO Patch in the same page you may be interested.
- Old World Radio 2 
- Olivia Overnight Radio 
Jetfuel Radio 
- Gamma Radio 
Atomic Radio - You can use only the radio file from TftC page.
- Existence 2.0 
- WRAR - RadioActive Radio 

Beside a lot more radio mods out there! 

The next suggestions may conflict with each other!
Fallout Suite - Soundtrack Extension 
- Musical Lore - Wasteland Edition 
- Bleak Beauty - A Fallout 4 Fan Made OST 
- Film Noir - For Detectives and Silver Shrouds 
- Digital Nightmare - Dark Apocalyptic Sountrack 
- New Postapocalyptic Soundtrack 
- STALKER Music Mod 
Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape 
- Swamp Meditation - Alternative Soundtrack 
Expanded Battle Music Revolution 2070 

Or go crazy and make your own set. Just be sure to read the instructions!
- Ambient Fallout Compilation 
- Music Mods Merged 

Big thanks to mm137 for his amazing Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul and all the author's mods that complement this project. They kindly gave permissions for the use of assets/edits in this little pack. 
Let me know of any issue, feel free for suggestions and if you have fixes/tweaks that may be incorporated just let me know. 

Note for the integrated mod's authors:
This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. However I evenly shared points with every modder present in the list. In case something is not right or you wish to be different please let me know.