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Sound mods pack and other tweaks!

Permissions and credits

Sound mods pack and other tweaks!

- Base game with all DLCs.
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul - There's a optional file without this requirement. 

Custom edits:
- Edit the default reverb sliders volume from RAO to balanced levels if the values don't get saved in between gaming sessions.
- Fake interiors shower/metal-ish reverb effect reduced.
- Wind blow and rumble sounds are less frequent at least in clear weathers. Their volume was reduced.
- Removed a long and annoying vanilla crickets sound that also have a sudden buggy interruption.
- Reduced vaults and caves reverb a bit to avoid hear loss. Still have a claustrophobic loud feeling.
- Eyebot and world placed radios sound have a more smooth distance transition and reasonable reverb.
- Decreased of multiple announcement speakers volume.
- Multiple priority and volume edits changed by RAO adjusted with the intention of more balance in the world.
- Added a couple of pure silence files to be triggered in some areas. Moments of peace!
- Added conditions for RadGulls and RadCrows to be quiet at night and during bad weather. Several custom volume and other adjustments.
- Files are archived in BA2 format and all plugins in this page are flagged as ESL for everyone convenience!
- Forwarded some edits from UFO4P and few more adjustments here and there...

Integrated and merged mods:
Radiant Birds. Credits to indipindi.
Enhanced Main Menu Music (Louder version). Credits to TheLagJag.
- "Trade and XP Sounds" edits from Unbogus Fallout Overhaul. Credits to EthicalLune.
Immersive Squeaky Doors (Quieter version). Credits to Hicsuntdracones1.
Dogmeat Pawsteps. Credits to maximluppov. 
Resynched Power Armor Handling Sounds. Credits to LolzMan1325.
- Power Armor Intercom Voice (Balanced version). Credits to LolzMan1325.
Better Fireworks Sounds. Credits to Vilgrym.
Can Chime Disarm Sound Removed. Credits to Darthsquirrel1217.
Barefoot Footstep. Credits to GrozaTerroristow.
- Zippo Sounds for Cigarette Lightning. Credits to Pootis.
Quieter Settlements (AIO version with few adjustments in volume). Credits to Lemures32 and CAPGames.
Duffle Bag Sound Fix. Credits to Fadingsignal.
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter Sounds. Credits to Aizekku.
- A.B.S. - Alternate Bashing Sounds. Credits to LolzMan1325.
- Artillery Strike Mod. Credits to Azebal.
- Better UI Sounds (Grim Reaper and Critical Executed). Credits to Zeramania.
- Louder Rainy Sound. Credits to thlp.
- Hush Dogmeat - No idle or Whine Sounds while Sneaking. Credits to fadingsignal.

You can remove these mods and MAKE SURE TO ENDORSE THEIR AUTHOR'S PAGE and provide feedback!

Suggestions you may be interested on! 
Persistent Volume Sliders - I strongly suggest to give it a try!
Project Reality Footspteps + Louder PRF - If you have a nuclear winter play-through there's a optional snow edition also!
Under the Hood - Mechanical Power Armor Audio 
Commonwealth Explosion Overhaul 
Commonwealth Gunfire Overhaul - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
Murder Death Scream - For the kinky bastards! You need to find it in discord.
Jump Grunt 
Jolly Item Sounds - Great for more variation picking up items. Check this and other mods from the author!
- Cut SFX Restored 
Classic and Funny Fallout Death Narrations - Because...

Personal preference custom patches available for these mods:
Horrorghouls Soundpack - You can remove the mod's plugin and use mine instead.
Ambient Wasteland - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
Sinister Ambient Sound - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks.
Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).
Inner City Ambience - An Urban Soudscape - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).
Diamond City Ambience - Install after LOST Audio Tweaks (will require ESP version).

Some radios to tune in!
Take It In - A Silent Radio 
- Diamond City Radio Extended 
More Where That Came From - Diamond City Radio Edition 
Elvani's Track Pack for Diamond City Radio - Best using together with MWTCF. Install after that. 
Old World Radio - Boston - There's a RAO Patch in the same page you may be interested.
- Old World Radio 2 
Jetfuel Radio 
- Gamma Radio 
Atomic Radio - You can use only the radio file from TftC page.
- Existence 2.0 
- WRAR - RadioActive Radio 

Ambient music for your (in)sanity. They may conflict with each other!
Fallout Suite - Soundtrack Extension 
- Musical Lore - Wasteland Edition 
- Bleak Beauty - A Fallout 4 Fan Made OST 
- Film Noir - For Detectives and Silver Shrouds 
- Digital Nightmare - Dark Apocalyptic Sountrack 
- New Postapocalyptic Soundtrack 
- STALKER Music Mod + All DLC 
Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape 
- Swamp Meditation - Alternative Soundtrack 
- FunUnFair - Alternative Soundtrack for Nuka World 
Expanded Battle Music Revolution 2070 

Or go crazy and generate your own set. Just make sure to read the instructions!
- Ambient Fallout Compilation 
- Music Mods Merged 


Have a look and find support for multiple questions on the Collective Modding discord. I have my section at Mod Author HUB -Mortercotic-mods.
All work in LOST Audio Tweaks is licensed under Creative Commons with the conditions presented here: