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My attempt to improve the audio from Fallout 4. Collection of sound tweaks, fixes and other packs!

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My attempt to improve the audio from Fallout 4. Collection of sound tweaks, fixes and other packs!

Requirements (sort of as there are two different versions):
- Base game with all DLCs.
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul - There's a optional file without this requirement. 

Instead you can try out Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul - Tweaked and check if it improves your game!
Or check Realistic Reverb and Ambience Overhaul however only use it with the No RAO Replacer version from LOST Audio Tweaks.

Persistent Volume Sliders - Optional but I strongly suggest as it fixes the volume sliders not saving in between gaming sessions beside other sophisticated details (make sure to install after LAT).
Cut SFX Restored - Also optional but it restores multiple little details to improve your experience!

Custom edits and integrated mods:

- Eyebot and world placed radios sound have a more smooth distance transition and reasonable reverb.
- Decreased of multiple announcement speakers volume plus tweaked Easy City Down to use a fx from other similar speakers.
- Player heartbeat sound can be heard early. The first state around 40% and the second by 25% of health.
- Holotapes use the Radio volume sliders.
- Tweaked priority for background music to play (similar with what "Faded Glory" do).
- Added some vanilla exploration music to Vault88. This also includes some DLC tracks.
- Added two of the interior tracks from Automatron to the random selection of dungeon music.
- Tweaked interior music not to play in Outdoor Cells. This fix is already implemented in UFO4P but some mods may overwrite that so having LAT plugin after those will benefit from this edits.
- Fake interiors shower/metal-ish reverb effect reduced. Loops by RAO removed.
- Wind blow and rumble sounds are less frequent at least in clear weathers. Their volume was reduced.
- Reduced vaults and caves reverb a bit to avoid hear loss. Still have a claustrophobic loud feeling.
- Whoosh sound collection added into the subway and removed from cave areas for more variety.
- Added to the mix 4 new background interior noises for subway and tunnel areas.
- During bad weather crickets and other insects sounds should not be heard.
- Added a couple of pure silence files to be triggered in some areas. Moments of peace!
- Multiple priority and volume edits changed by RAO adjusted with the intention of more balance in the world.
- Tweaked a few sounds in terms of volume or frequency.
- Edit the default reverb sliders volume from RAO to balanced levels if the values don't get saved in between gaming sessions.
- Files are archived in BA2 format and all plugins in this page are flagged as ESL for everyone convenience!
- Forwarded some edits from UFO4P and few more adjustments here and there...

Integrated mods:
Enhanced Main Menu Music (Louder version) by TheLagJag.
- Gaining XP makes no sound, the 'ChaChing' has been moved to play when you trade. From Unbogus Fallout Overhaul by EthicalLune.
Immersive Squeaky Doors (Quieter version) by Hicsuntdracones1. Pods and vertical sliding doors volume also raised.
Can Chime Disarm Sound Removed by Darthsquirrel1217.
Duffle Bag Sound Fix by Fadingsignal.
Zippo Sounds for Cigarette Lightning by Pootis.
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter Sounds by Aizekku.
A.B.S. - Alternate Bashing Sounds by LolzMan1325.
Resynched Power Armor Handling Sounds by LolzMan1325.
- Power Armor Intercom Voice (Balanced version) by LolzMan1325.
Better Fireworks Sounds by Vilgrym.
Artillery Strike Mod by Azebal.
Barefoot Footstep by GrozaTerroristow. Corrected impact sound when in Vault floors.
- Louder Rainy Sound by thlp.

Sounds credits:
Space Atmosphere Compilation by MATRIXXX 

Custom optional LAT Patches Fomod:

- Ambient Tunnels of Boston v1.2 - Only restores the edits done to announcements. Don't use this if you like the mod's take on those!
- Ambient Wasteland v0.1 - Removed multiple distracting noises that don't fit my take of the world's lore or I just don't like. Most of it animals. You can remove the mod's plugin and use mine instead BUT you need to extract the mod's BA2 file.
- Diamond City Ambience v1.12 - Mostly just merged region tweaks from LOST Audio Tweaks and adjusted some sound priorities.
- Inner City Ambience - An Urban Soundscape v1.4 - Merged region tweaks from LOST Audio Tweaks and adjusted priorities. Forwarded vanilla edits from one of the mod's records since it is commonly used for lightning and weathers mods. Removed a few sounds that I prefer not to have and reorganize some of the categories selection. Bells should be only heard during night time and added some silence chances for less triggers from the mod.
- Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape v2.1 - Mostly just merged tweaks from LOST Audio Tweaks and adjusted some sound priorities.
- Sinister Ambient Sound v1.1+Night - The original mod requires RAO so does this patch. Removed some sounds that I prefer not to have and reorganize some of the categories selection. Zombie sounds added by sinister can only be heard at night. Way more rarity in general but also the triggered sounds are limited by the zone you in (Sanctuary Hills area doesn't have it at all).
- Radium v2.6 and Bleak Beauty v1.2 - Blends what these two mods offer so you can use them together. It adds the music priorities by LAT.
- Fallout Suite v1.1 and Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape v5-1 - Blends what these two mods offer so you can use them together. It adds the music priorities by LAT. Includes Faded Glory - Vault 88 cell record fix.
- Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape v5-1 - Only small fix to the Vault 88 cell record.
- FGEP - Feral Ghouls Expansion Pack v1.6 - Adjusted the distance that you can hear some of the mod's new creatures. You will freak out earlier!
- Horrorghouls Soundpack v2.2 or Normalised v1 - Remove the mod's original plugins. Adjusted volume for a few edits and the distance you can hear them.

- A few all in one combinations - Merged mod's patches for everyone convenience.
- A few weather mods - Mostly just overwrite some records for compatibility depending on load order.
- Multiple Radio Stations mods - Requires RAO! They use a separate reverb fx to radio tracks. The effect can be very subtle so it may not make a huge difference in your game. Try it out!

---Optional LAT Expansions can be used with both of the LAT versions or none at all---

--- LAT Expansion - Announcements Revised ---
-Someone hacked the subway speaker system!! Replace those announcements to something more apocalyptic.
-All sound taken from Apocalyptic Radio by OnlyTheGhosts (all credits to the author).

--- LAT Expansion - Creatures Revised (CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS) ---
- Added conditions for RadGulls and RadCrows to be quiet at night and during bad weather.
Radiant Birds by indipindi. Integration by adding the full sounds instead of replacing.
Hush Dogmeat - No idle or Whine Sounds while Sneaking by fadingsignal.
- Tweaked distance/volume from some creatures and added new sounds for some creatures:


Extra suggestions for mods out there (let me know of something cool missing)!


Have a look and find support for multiple questions on the Collective Modding discord. I have my section at Mod Author HUB -Mortercotic-mods.
All work in LOST Audio Tweaks is licensed under Creative Commons with the conditions presented here: