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My attempt to improve the audio from Fallout 4. Collection of sound tweaks, fixes and other packs!

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It all started to tweak the great Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul but through the years this became more and more a bigger project. In this new release I decided to make LAT totally independent in a way for it to be optional for users to have RAO or other improved versions of the same.
The old version will remain for legacy but my focus will be to maintain and improve LOST Audio Tweaks version 5 and above.

Please understand the change and that this may be one of those eternal beta waiting to became better with time.
It no longer supports Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul however you can still use it or any version of the same as the LOST Audio Tweaks is now compatible with any.

This is my attempt to improve the audio from Fallout 4 with a collection of sound tweaks, fixes and other packs without replacing too much and getting away from the original feeling. Consider that most edits may not be of what everyone expect but I will be open to suggestions, improvements and feedback to make it pleasant for all!

Thanks for downloading and please endorse the merged mods and the authors that contribute for this pack!


Music related:
- Tweaked interior music not to play in Outdoor Cells.
- Tweaked priority and conditions for ambient music to play like region-specific to be trigger or by removing repeating cycles from multiple music types from night exploration to inside dungeons.
- The base explore tracks can now all be found in MUSzExplore, MUSzExploreCoast and MUSzExploreFoothills.

- Removed Minutemen music in Sanctuary Hills when you became a general.
- Vaults 75, 81 and 114 will no longer use MUSDungeonC ambient music but MUSDungeonVault111 instead.
- Far Harbor's Intro Music now also plays during exploration of the DLC instead of just the first time of arrive.
- Added some vanilla exploration music to Vault88.
- Added two interior tracks from Automatron to the random selection of dungeon music.
- Increased the time of some silent moments to help break-up constant background music.

Other tweaks:
- Player heartbeat sound can be heard early. The first state around 40% and the second by 25% of health.
- Holotapes use the voice volume sliders.
- Gaining XP makes no sound, the 'ChaChing' has been moved to play when you trade (thanks to EthicalLune).
- Slightly reduced some of the ambient sounds like wind, building cracks or other weather related effects.
- Settlements generators, turrets and other building noises like hammering walls is reduced.
- Multiple speaker announcements volume reduced around 25% (from military checkpoints to subway speakers).
- Eyebot and world placed radios sound have a more smooth distance transition and reasonable reverb.
- Added a couple of pure silence files to be triggered in some areas. Moments of peace!
- During bad weather crickets and other insects sounds should not be heard.
- Added conditions for RadGulls and RadCrows to be quiet at night and during bad weather.
- Whoosh sound collection added into the subway and removed from cave areas for more variety.
- Added to the mix 4 new background interior noises for subway and tunnel areas (thanks to MATRIXXX).
- Reduced vaults and caves reverb a bit to avoid hear loss. Still have a claustrophobic loud feeling.
- Attempt to fix missing player voice after entering Walden Pond sewer (thanks to DeathByPewPew).

Integrated mods:
Enhanced Main Menu Music credits to TheLagJag
Power Armor Intercom Voice credits to LolzMan1325
Barefoot Footstep credits to GrozaTerroristow
Melee Weapon Impact Sound Fix credits to corpz
Immersive Squeaky Doors credits to Hicsuntdracones1
Can Chime Disarm Sound Removed credits to Darthsquirrel1217
Duffle Bag Sound Fix credits to Fadingsignal
Zippo Sounds for Cigarette Lightning credits to Pootis
A.B.S. - Alternate Bashing Sounds credits to LolzMan1325
Resynched Power Armor Handling Sounds credits to LolzMan1325
Better Fireworks Sounds credits to Vilgrym
Artillery Strike Mod credits to Azebal
Radiant Birds credits to indipindi
Hush Dogmeat - No idle or Whine Sounds while Sneaking credits to fadingsignal
Louder Rainy Sound credits to thlp
Louder Waves credits to Zorkaz
Space Atmosphere Compilation (external sound material) credits to MATRIXXX

--- LAT Expansion - Announcements Revised ---
- Someone hacked the subway speaker system!! Replaced those announcements to something more apocalyptic.
- Apocalyptic Radio (external sound material) credits to OnlyTheGhosts.

--- LAT Expansion - Acoustic and Reverbs (WIP) ---
- A very lite version of Reverb and Ambience Overhaul but it only uses Acoustic Spaces and Reverb Parameters. It is a very experimental version so please use it at your own risk.
- Not compatible with Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul or other versions of the same.

--- LAT Expansion - Creatures Revised (WIP) ---
- Tweaked distance/volume from some creatures and added new sounds for some creatures:

At the moment these are the only creatures I somehow tweaked or checked for the enhancement features:
-Bloatfly + 3 attack and idle sounds.
-Brahmin + 4 idle sounds.
-Cat + 6 idle sounds.
-Deathclaw (better results together with "Monsterum - DeathClaw Sounds Rework")
-Dog FEV Hound + 7 idle sounds.
-Dogs + 5 idle and loop sounds.
-Dog Vicious + 3 idle sounds.
-Feral Ghoul and Feral Ghoul Glowing (better results together with Horrorghouls soundpack + LAT Patch)
-RadRoach + 1 new idle hissing sound.
-YaoGuai + 7 idle sounds.

External sound material:
Hissing Cockroach credits to Spoxe
Wasp Wings 1 and Wasp Wings 2 credits to Wakerone
Bee Wasp credits to smytheagain
Cat Purring 1 and Cat Purring 2 credits to megrez7274
Cat Meow and Purr credits to mcroce
Multiple animal sounds from SFXStudio credits to the involved project authors.

Custom optional LAT Patches Fomod:
- Ambient Tunnels of Boston v1.2 - Only restores to vanilla edits done to announcements. Don't use this if you like the mod's take on those!
- Ambient Wasteland v0.1 - Removed multiple noises that in my opinion don't fit the world or I just don't like. Most of it animals sounds that can became distracting. You can remove the mod's plugin and use mine instead BUT you need to extract the mod's BA2 file.
- Inner City Ambience - An Urban Soundscape v1.4 - Open mod's plugin with FO4Edit and remove the Region\DowntownRegion record. Merged region tweaks sounds and priorities with LAT. Removed a few sounds that I prefer not to have and reorganize some of the categories selection. Bells should be only heard during night time and added some silence chances from the mod.
- Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape v2.2 - Mostly just merged tweaks with LAT and adjusted some sound priorities.
- Sinister Ambient Sound v1.1 - Added plugin replacer without RAO dependency. Removed sounds that I prefer not to have and reorganize some of the categories selection. Zombie sounds added by sinister can only be heard at night. Way more rarity in general and sounds are limited by the zone you are (Sanctuary Hills area doesn't have it at all).

Horrorghouls soundpack v2.2 - Can be used with Horrorghouls - Normalised by gundamgrime. Remove the mod's original plugin and use only mine instead. Adjusted volume for a few edits and the distance you can hear them.

Bleak Beauty - A Fallout 4 Fan Made OST v1.2 - It adds the music priorities by LAT.
- Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape v5-1 - It adds the music priorities by LAT. Includes Vault 88 cell record fix.
Fallout Suite - Soundtrack Extension v1.1 - It adds the music priorities by LAT.
- Radium - A Music Mod v2.7.1 - It adds the music priorities by LAT.

Suggestions and other distortions! Way more out there that I may not even know! Let me know of other cool stuff you like.

Persistent Volume Sliders 
Cut SFX Restored 

Bullet Impact Overhaul 
Melee Impact Overhaul 
Very Zen Impacts 
Project Reality Footsteps + Expansion 
Power Armor Footstep Sound Fix 

- Horrorghouls Soundpack 
Monsterum -DeathClaw Sounds Rework 
Aggressive synth voice overhaul 

Ambient Tunnels of Boston 
- Ambient Wasteland 
Sinister Ambient Sound 
- Diamond City Ambience 
Inner City Ambience - An Urban Soundscape 
- Lush Ambience - A Green Soundscape 
Lush Ambience - Far Harbor 

Fallout Suite 
- Faded Glory - A Post-Apocalyptic Soundscape 
- Radium
Bleak Beauty 

Less Ambient Noises 
HighTech Audio Distortion and Crackle Fix 
LFPAA - Less Frequent PA Announcements 


Have a look and find support for multiple questions on the Collective Modding discord. I have my section at Mod Author HUB -Mortercotic-mods.
All work in LOST Audio Tweaks is licensed under Creative Commons with the conditions presented here: