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Final v2.2 update 280 sounds replaced & added for the ghouls.

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Celebrating 15,000+ downloads, thank you all so much! <3

This new 2.2 version is a bit more immersive and aimed at the same type of sounds for all ghouls, instead of too many types of voices, pitches etc, making them more zombie-like all the way through.
Edited volume of every single sound to be in the same range (hopefully I didnt miss any).
Really happy abt this update, will be the last one for a while, life comes inbetween unfortunately.
I hope you enjoy my work.

Adjustment in v2.1 was focused on removing human-like sounds to increase immersion a bit.
v2.0 made a big jump in quality from its earlier versions with extensive work around secondary actions and changearound in the attack/charging sounds aswell,
so this v2.2 is in my opinion the peak of my modding so far.

This mod aims to make ghoul encounters actually scary and high quality instead of a sound experience from 2003 with crappy acting.

This is a total replacer, 280 sounds for the ghouls have been changed and/or added.
Thank you all for your comments and endorsements!
The mod continues to grow and I'm very happy with how its evolving through feedback and suggestions.

Multiple hours of editing and cutting this creation have led to this and I'm very proud to present to you,

(Short story); Since I got such great response on my first ghoul sound mod, Halo Ghouls The Flood, I wanted to bring a second mod with inspo from other games that have creeped me out through the years.
This mod was earlier a alternate version to Halo Ghouls but I felt that it deserved a separate modpage with the updates I have done, and the time put into it

Video above is made by LuckyKlavier, a very well done piece of v1.1 of the mod. THANK YOU my dude.
Preview/review of later versions is more than welcome since I'm not really that talented in recording and editing.


Simply drag and drop the DATA map into your gamefolder, alternatively, use Vortex modmanager. (included in Files category is a NMM file by Thorne67)
If you want to just test it out quickly then just;
- Go to Super Duper Mart or The Apartments section of Lexington where there is a lot of ghouls, Save
- Install the mod
- And then load the game. You will get a feel for it very quickly.
If you dont know how to uninstall, you should not be modding in the first place.


If you wonder about anything just ask, in the comments or in pm.
Best regards //Failip