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Adds 90 minutes of new music to Fallout 4's soundtrack.

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Adding nearly 90 minutes of bespoke new music, 'Fallout Suite' effectively doubles the exploration soundtrack of Fallout 4

(ambient/palette/misc audio tracks notwithstanding)

I genuinely thought the music in your trailer was an existing in-game track, incredibly stunning.
- ghouls0rules
Totally love this. The moment I heard the preview track, I knew it fit right in. The best part is that it adds tracks, and isn't a replacer.
Who doesn't love more music? Best part is how seamless it is with the existing tracks!
- Slimyguy
Totally fits in with the vanilla soundtrack, no seams. Much-needed when you're still playing the game this long after release day!
- Pthalo
Must have mod! Really fits in alongside the theme of Fallout 4.
- monkeyboi852

This soundtrack includes a combination of both genuine acoustic performances and electronic instruments, and has been recorded and mixed using industry-standard equipment. 'Fallout Suite' works alongside Inon Zur's original soundtrack, and uses a diverse ensemble ranging from pianos and string quintets to accordions, theremins and organs.

Although 'Fallout Suite' largely stays true to the tone of the game's OST - and the series more broadly - some liberties have been taken. In particular, downtown Boston has a much stronger jazz influence. Certain other early-mid 20th century influences may also be noted in places.

Some key features:

  • Works alongside the original soundtrack
  • 19 professionally recorded and mastered tracks, all uncompressed
  • Live instruments and performers
  • Music that is more weather, time and location specific than the vanilla OST
  • Almost an hour and a half of music
  • Mixed for higher end audio systems; headphones in particular