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Fallout 76 C.A.M.P. placeable - moveable - workbench - settle anywhere - make any place a player home

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Build your C.A.M.P. now! 

Now you can carry placeable workbenches and throw them down and settle wherever you want to! take over any building and make it a player home, or stake your claim on a good spot outdoors with a view! -Nukes are not included-

This mod started when I was just "fixing" player homes that were missing the workshop quest for my crop growing mod Fruitful Labor. When I saw the trailer for Fallout 76 I knew this had to happen.

Isnt this mod like XYZ... ? No -  this is totally unlimited, no cap on how many places you can settle. The only limit is that due to the mechanics of the game only one workshop will be active per location in game. You can settle indoors, outdoors, the middle of the Institute, the Railroad, Museum of Freedom, the Prydwyn, use your imagination! 

Does this mod include campfires, backpacks, coffee, quests, backrubs - NO - there's other mods for that.

You can craft them in the chem station under grenades, you place them in the world like mines, you can pick them up and move them if you want to correct placement or just dont like quite where you put it down (hold E)  And you can scrap extras if you accidentally place 2 in the same location. 

That's it, no more instruction is needed, no complicated systems or mechanics, just toss it out and you're good to go.

I never really thought about it before but I've had the build higher mod installed pretty much since Fallout 4 launched, I recommend using it with this.

( a video review from DiscoGnome )

Video from Westname

p.s. Send me some screenshots of cool places you settle in buildings or outdoors!