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Bundle of invisible furnitures and customization tools.

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+ Several types of furniture: relaxation, work, guard, vendor, and creature.

+ Precise placement: every furniture can be placed using an NPC-shaped marker. It disappears when the workshop mode is turned off and viceversa.
- Optional: markers don't disappear in game mode.

+ No more lollygagging settlers: if unemployed, they try to do odd jobs around the settlement (heading to furnitures such as hammering, welding, digging, etc.) in the working hours.

+ Result of work: when a settler uses a work furniture, there is a small chance that a object is produced according to the completed task (tinkering produces components, farming produces vegetables, butchering produces meat, etc.) and is deposited into the workshop.
- Optional: the type of products can be customized by grabbing the related work marker.
- Optional: Player can do these jobs and can get products too.

+ Guard leisure area: enables guards to relax alternately around the marker or to go to their own beds for a few hours.

+ Emergency assembly points: non-guard settlers will run to the nearest point when the settlement is under attack. Guards, robots, and companions, instead, will fight against the hostiles as default. Useful to increase the chance to keep alive the settlers set in mortal mode.
- Optional: a non-guard settler, owning a “Reservist Dog Tag” in the inventory, will join the fight instead of looking for an assembly point.
- Optional: a guard settler or a robot, owning a “Rearguard Dog Tag” in the inventory, will remain in the rears instead of joining the fight.


+ Vanilla idle marker adjustment: shows and makes movable/deletable most of the idle markers (white) used by vanilla food plants and bar stalls, and the preexisting ones in several Player settlements (e.g. the ones near the settlement bonfires used by caravaners, the hammerings in Sanctuary Hills, etc.).

+ Safety value adjustment: allows to edit the safety points generated by settlement guard posts. Value can be set from 1 up to 6.


+ Place Everywhere is highly recommended for a better placement of the markers.


1. Fallout4.esm
2. [Other esm files]
3. IMP.esp

How to install

*Installing with NMM:
1. Add and activate the archives.
*Manual Installation:
1. Extract "IMP_xx.7z".
2. Put the extracted files in Fallout4/Data folder.
3. Enable the main file in your Fallout 4 Launcher.

How to uninstall

1.Uninstall the mod via setting holotape.
2.Remove IMP.esp manually or with NMM.

Known issues

Not known. Please report if you find anyone.


2018/01/18 v. 2.0 released
2017/12/29 v. 1.1 released
2017/12/22 v. 1.0 released

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