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Requires Version 2.0 or greater of Sim Settlements


New Martial: 5
New Recreational: 1

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes

This pack adds a number of Martial buildings to the Sim Settlements mod. It is likely that further additions will be made, but the current list includes light and heavy guard posts as well as 2 kinds of martial plot which incorporates the Minutemen Artillery. These function with the Artillery Smoke grenades.

The current designs use 2x2 Martial and Recreational plots. These were introduced in the 2.0 update for Sim Settlements. By default the 2x2 martial size is disabled, but the option to build these plots will be added to the workshop when this pack is installed.

Come visit us at our section on the SimSettlements forum to get the latest updates and find discussion about this addon pack. Please use this forum to make suggestions and give feedback rather than Nexus.

Current Buildings

Basic Outpost
  • Martial Plot
  • Provides 9/15/30 Defence

This is a simple martial plot which acts as a standalone building. At the 1st level it is pretty much a tent and a seat. At this level it is currently only aesthetic, acting as somewhere to sit for a settler with a gun. At 2nd level it becomes a small open shack with 1 Heavy Machine Gun Turret and a guard position. At level 3 the shack expands and features 2 Heavy Machine Gun turrets behind sandbag walls, a spotlight and a guard location.

Basic Tower
  • Martial Plot
  • Provides 9/15/30 Defence

This is a simple martial plot. At the first level it is just a raised platform. At 2nd level it gets 1 Heavy Machine Gun Turret and the dude on the top gets an awning to sit under. At level 3 it has 3 Heavy Machine Gun turrets set below the platform and a proper building up top for your guy to sit in. There are 2 lamps on the front but they don't count towards the defence as I thought 3 turrets was enough. The whole structure is built with facing towards the back of the plot so that the utility pole etc. are on the internal side, so make sure you put it facing the right way!

Artillery Post
  • Martial Plot
  • Provides 9/15/30 Defence

Includes a useable Minuteman Artillery piece which can be used by the settler assigned to the plot. The 3 upgrade levels simply add further fortification until level 3, where 2 Heavy Machine Gun turrets are added. Again, the plot faces towards the back, with your settler being able to enter from the front.

Sandbag Fort
  • Martial Plot
  • Provides 10/25/50 Defence

This is a more heavily fortified martial plot, incorporating structures from Sandbag Fortifications. At level 1 it is a simple outpost with room for a guard. Level 2 adds 2 Spotlight turrets and 2 Machine Guns (not heavy ones). Level 3 increases the fortifications further and replaces the Machines Guns with Heavy Lasers.

Artillery Station
  • Martial Plot
  • Provides 10/25/50 Defence

More elaborate artillery building with a proper shack around it. Provides defence as a heavy defensive building (10/25/50) but may alter that. Uses a slightly customised version of the artillery to try and fit it into the plot space better. Functions as a Minuteman Artillery piece.

Shooting Range
  • Recreational Plot
  • Provides 5/10/20 Defence (plus normal happiness of recreational plot)

Everyone like shooting guns at chunks of cardboard. Let your settlers relax, have a beer and shoot at things with this 2x2 firing range. The structure is 2 storeys tall at level 3 so don't build over it! Provides a small defence boost due to 'better trained' settlers.

Future Plans

  • Buildings integrated with PCDug's Build a Wall
  • Target Range - Recreational plot with small defence modifier
  • Residential defence plots - I.e. live-in guard houses etc. which use Residential plots
  • VIP Stories - Can you still have preppers after the apocalypse?

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Thanks for kinggath for an awesome mod which has made Fallout 4 an amazing experience again, after the settlements system annoyed me so much it became basically unplayable. Also kudos to the community over at simsettlements.com and the discord server for their patience with my questions.

Huge thank you to Nutulator for allowing me to use the models from their Sandbag Fortifications mod.