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The goal of this add-on is, to add buildings to sim settlements, which will represent the houses of a resident with a special profession, like the house of a doctor or a mechanic. When looking in to the house, you should be able too guess the profession of the resident.
This mod adds five new "themed" Residential Buildings, each of th

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Brian84s themed residentials, aim to add themed redsidential buildings to sim settlements.
These buildings represent the homes of residents with a special profession, like the home of a doctor or a mechanic.
If you enter the buildings you should be able to guess which job or hobby the owner has,
in some cases this will be more subtle, in others it will be pretty obvious.

All of the Buildings have three upgrade stages, with each one of these upgrades the hobby of the owner will get more obvious.
I followed the "trashed / workshop" theme and tried to only use vanilla workshop assets.
I will also try to constantly update and patch this add-on, because this is my first mod for fallout 4 and sim settlements, I would hope to get many suggestions on how to improve my add-on and general improvement ideas.

Feel free to post all bugs, problems and suggestions you have, I will then try my best to fix bugs and realize suggestions.

I also want to thank kinggath for the great Mod and the afford he puts into it - keep it up!

And by the way, if you are confused, that the add-on is called "Brian84s themed residentials" and
not "Brian841s ..." as my Username would suggest, that's because I always use Brian84 as a Username,
but sadly it was already taken on the nexus :(

Ps: this pack is totally "Immersive" ;)