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This patch makes sure the mods "Horizon" by Zawinul and "Agony" by Meysam plays nice with one another by rebalancing bandages, remedies and other chems and using Horizons improve system where you can heal only outside of combat and can´t stack healing effects.

Also adds Compatibility for Components Redone in the same e

Permissions and credits

The Horizon patch in the "agony" mod made by Meysam  is incompatible don´t use, it ruins the bandage system. I made this patch using effects from both mods and removing, lowering and increasing some values, all new drugs are in the Horizons Level lists and some containers. This patch is aim to Horizon Users not agony users. I also Included a second option in the Installer to use "The Components Redone" by Meysam as well in the same agony patch esp.

What this patch does::::

The first thing that really needed a workaround were the bandages, there are 4 types of bandages now and they have Horizons effects and restrictions. Now you can not use them while in combat or stack their healing effects and they will be refund if you try to use them, they will have agony animations and models. (more details in the images)

Horizon´s - Agony´s Healing cycle...

So now bassically when you get a broken limb you need an "Advanced Surgery Kit" or a normal "Surgery Kit", the first one is very expensive to craft or buy and rare to find while the second one will cause a lot of side effects like:

-Open Wound - can be cure by using any bandages (Four types: Used Bandage can´t heal HP and adds disease,
Clean Bandage can´t heal HP no side effects,
Sterile heal HP as a vanilla Horizon bandage and
Medicated Bandage is the same as Horizon but much more expensive
-Blood Loss - can be cure by using a blood pack (Two types with its own side effects.)
-Pain -  can be cure with Pain-Killer wich cause addiction.

There are two healing item from old agony: Heka and Ultra Heka, they can heal HP in and out of combat like the Combat Stimpack but very little and slow and are kind of expensive to craft or find. The main goal of this two is for making Seterile and Medicated Bandages from clean bandages, so I strongly advice agains using them and better saving them to craft better bandages, only use them if you are desperate for HP.
Another big change are the remedies wich cures diseases, "Advanced Cure-X" from Horizon wich cures all diseases is more expensive to craft or buy and rarer to find, now you need specialized medicine to cure your each of your illness, for things like lethargy, fatigue and parasites you need: Stimulant, Anodyne and AntiParasitics this are a little less expensive but can only heal one illnes at a time.

(more details in the images)

So FUN ahh!!!

What you need and load order::::

You need to have both Horizon v1.3.1+ and agony v0.8b Installed. Optionally you can install Components Redone v0.6 and use second option on the installer.
I highly recommend you to have Def_UI for the icons to show up correctly.

I also Highly recommend my other mod Unofficial Horizon Sorting Items Mod because agony and Horizon adds a whole bunch of new chems and items so my mod will sort them better in sub cathegories and avoid clutter menus.

In the Agony Installer Unselect the agony patch, it is not necessary with this patch.
In the Components Redone Installer you can select whatever option you want, and you dont need his esp, just use mine instead.
More instructions inside the installer.

Load order should be something like this:::

MK_ComponentsRedone.esp (unselect or delete this esp)
Z_Horizon (all other plugins).esp
AD_Horizon-Agony_Patch.esp OR AD_Horizon-AgonyComponents_Patch.esp

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Zawinul creator of Horizon
Meysam creator of agony and Components Redone