Horizon Backpacks Patch - Survivalist Go-Bags by ArcherDown
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 08:34PM
Updated: 13/09/2017 - 08:34PM

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Last updated at 20:34, 13 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 20:34, 13 Sep 2017


This compatibility balance patch adds the new Horizons backpack carry weight values to all the backpacks added by Survivalist Go-Bags. It also changes other stats from the backpacks to be consistent with horizon.

You need to install Horizon v1.2+ by Zawinul and the patched mod. This patches are esp replacers so they most be loaded after Horizon plugins.


---Patch 1 - Survivalist Go-Bags by Tookie Jones. v1.4
You need DEF_UI for the icons to show up.
-Change the slot that this backpas use to be 54 and 55 for the (double slot), you can add two carry weight modifiers.
-The book backpacks are consider upper backpacks so they only use slot 55 and have one carryweight modifier.
-The backpacks are craftable at the robotsc workbench under their own category at the bottom of the list.
-Added icons to each type of backpack.
-Things to do: I want to add a preview of each backpack in the crating menu to know what are you making if anyone can help to do the mesh I will appreciate.

Patch 2 - Dogmeat's Backpack by Higeyosi v2.0 (SOON TO BE RELEASE)

Tookie Jones