Dragon Age: Origins

About this mod

High Resolution textures for the vanilla companions.

Permissions and credits

°DA:O Edition°

My personal morphs for Origins' main crew.

All faces are vanilla (with the exception of a very minor tweak to Morrigan's nose) with unique High Resolution skin and eye textures.

04/04/2018 - Added some new stuff for the Awakening Companions! Justice's face is not vanilla(it's the work of the lovely MorningGloryMonty!), I just think a fresher look makes more sense story-wise. No, I'm not going to make a vanilla version, I just hate him that much.

°To install°

Extract the archive and place the contents in your override folder.*

The mod is modular, open the "Companion Morphs" folder and delete whichever morph you don't wish to use.

*\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\

°To Uninstall°

Delete the files from your override folder.


Note: I used Dragon Age - Lighting Enhanced by Shrutesh (Neutral Preset) in the screenshots.