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I made my own Chasind Morrigan morph and figured I'd share :shrug:

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Alistair says Morrigan looks Chasind, yet she remains curiously, luminously white... hmm... well, this mod fixes that.

UPDATE 2: Replaced the vanilla lash texture with one that isn't completely disgusting

UPDATE 1: Added a second skintone variant to make her look a little more like Flemeth and because even with fixes the game is not kind to very dark skin; removed intensely pink cheek blush from both versions - might want to redownload so she looks less clown shoes


  • Most obvious: changed skin tone from 001 to 006 (same as Zevran's) OR 004 (same as Alistair's)
  • Minor morph changes: bigger eyes, tweaked nose
  • Kept her unique facepaint/tattoo but made it red so it's less garish
  • Changed her face and eye textures because the vanilla ones are fug
  • Gave her her Inquisition hairstyle because reasons


  • CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS TAB!!! There are a lot of loose files etc you'll need, all the details are in there.

OTHER FILES IN SCREENSHOTS (not required, but recommended)


Pick the skintone variant you prefer and place the .mor file in documents/bioware/dragon age/packages/core/override. To uninstall, simply delete it.

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