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New morphs for the Aeducan family from the Dwarf Noble Origin. Modular.

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Funnily enough, Aeducan was the first Origin I played. I didn't get far, I remember making it to Denerim, but my last save in that file is from the banishment into the Deep Roads so...Suffice it to say, not very far. But over the years, I've become so fascinated with the dwarves and there are criminally few dwarven mods available. I have a couple of dwarven wardens I've been wanting to play, and I've been working on these for a bit over a month and I'm so happy with them!

The one thing I wanted to keep throughout was them all having the same eye color. In the game their base morphs only really share their eye color, which was one of the brighter blue shades, so I wanted them to have brighter colored eyes throughout their morphs. I also tried to make them look related, mostly with the boys mostly sharing features with Endrin and not really with each other (even though the Aeducan siblings share the same mother, with dwarven fertility being what it is, it'd make sense for them have different mothers, but I digress).

I also thought it'd be fun to have Bhelen look most like his father of the two brothers, it just seemed kinda poetic if you believe what he says about Endrin.

As with my Cousland mod, the morphs are all grouped together (as Pale, Black, Brown or Asian,) with a readme PDF with the specifics for each group. They're all modular, so you can mix and match to your heart's content!

There's also versions of each morph w/o tattoos as an optional file, if that's more your fancy.

Make sure you have the requirements downloaded!

Download the file(s) you want, unzip the folder(s), and plop the folder into your override folder (Username\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)

Just delete the folder. :)

Morphs can be removed or changed out any time during your play through, so if you find you're just not jiving with one of the morphs or you find or make one you like better, you're save to swap out mi-save.

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A very big thank you to:
Barnzi88, CommanderStrawberry, Tepkunsetmrs-risibisi, ViLiSSa, Pineappletree & Amensign. Without your amazing assets, these morphs wouldn't be possible! <3