Dragon Age: Origins

About this mod

These are my morphs that I use ingame.
I reworked them to reduce the list of used mods significantly.

Permissions and credits

Morgan's Morphs AIO

Please read the description before asking questions, I know it is long but it can't be helped!

This mod includes Morphs for:

Leliana's Song
Return to Ostagar
Soldier's Peak
Witch Hunt
Companions(without Sten)

  • Up to now only the main characters are included (approx 370 morphs), I
  • am already working on the other morphs (approx 1.180) but it is very
    time consuming. If you are interested in the ambient morphs as well
    I would recommend to track this mod to get a notification when I add them.

  • I excluded Sten (and the other 8! Qunari) because I use the Qunari
  • Update as well as a Morph for Sten for Qunari Update and tbh DA2
    Qunari are more pleasing to the eye! :)

  • When I made this morphs I was aiming for:

  1. Beatification to let them look nicer in general.
  2. I wanted to make them look their Age.
  3. Imo there was not enough Variety.
  4. Some realism: Kalah and Oghren are both alcoholics, they don't have smooth skins.

  • Some NPC I tried to show like others described them, a good example is
  • Lloyd in Redcliffe. When you talk to Bella, she will tell you that
    he is „a greasy pig“. So yea, I'm afraid that Lloyd isn't going to be beautiful.

  • Flemeth and Isabela aren't included, for them I also use a mod for their DA2
  • appearance.

  • In the mainfile everything is already included. In the optional files
  • you can pick and choose what you're interested in. The misc files
    includes the full documentation, all images (also single images) and
    a backup of the mrh files.

  • Last minute changes: (those changes aren't visible on the images)

  1. Cullen:corrected jawline.
  2. Wynne:I changed her haircolour (yay I used british english) from black to dark brown (bc why not?) her hair just looked like a void or blob, it didn't bother me until I was done with the images. -.- 

  • If you find mistakes that I made, please talk to me. Sometimes when you
  • stare for hours on pixels you can went blind even for obvious things
    and with that much morphs I am not able to consider everything.

  • I included all my .mrh files and you are free to use them and of
  • course change them as you wish. If you do so and want to publish
    them in a mod of yours please be so kind to credit me. Thank you!

  • File with corrections / please see the file for details.
  • Ambient NPC included (unfinished) I am not able to install the toolset atm. I can again not figure out what the problem could be. Last time, only a complete new OS installation solved the problem and I am not willing to do this yet. The dwarven and elves are done as the human females, human males are only partially done, the children except for one are all vanilla. I included the "missing" headmorphs if someone wants to continue them.

Highly recommended mods:

SJC'sPatchy Skin Fix
HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers
TexturePack Hair

Companionsand NPC Morph Collection by ViLiSSa I tried to replicate Greagoir. (and kind of succeeded)
DAI Inspired Cullen Head Morph by ohjove
DATamlen by Dracoangel   Hair model isn't available anymore

Thank you to Ashhawke for solving the problems with the headmorphs! :)