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Yes, it's another revised Alistair headmorph...

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I wanted to see what tweaks I'd do to Alistair, and the end result was pretty good! Sort of wanted his look to reflect how most fan art I've seen portrayed him (or at least, how I'd draw him). I highly recommend to also install Dalishious' True Colours mod (which mitigates the washed out vanilla eye, skin and hair tints) to truly get the full Toasty Ali experience.

  • A well-deserved top lip :-)
  • A skin texture that makes him look his age
  • Some freckles :-O
  • Dark brown eyes!
  • Longer, more fanned out eyelashes
  • Slightly larger irises
  • Darker stubble and eyebrows
  • Ears stick out more

I also have a more self-indulgent version (Lite) with blonde hair and fuller facial stubble  *_*

INSTALLATION: Install the required mods, then unzip Toasty Alistair.zip. Choose only one version to put in the override folders. To uninstall, just remove the mod folder from your override. For more information, go on the Docs tab in this page for the readme.

Unique Face Textures for Companions DAO Edition by Ellise
Barnzi Face Textures by Barnzi88

Other Visible Mods in the screenshots:
See Your True Colours (the old one, but the Redux version is the one you might wanna get instead.) by Dalishious
HD Eyebrow and Stubble presets by ViLiSSa
White Teeth by JOG
SJC's Patchy Skin Fix by SammyJC (the difference with or without this mod is very minimal in my headmorph btw)
Ferelden pack by Ladyofpayne

  • This mod will conflict with mods that contain the file hm_genfl_alistair.mor
  • If you've got a keen eye you may have noticed that some Blonde Alistair screenshots have weird white flecks in the hair...but fear not! That will not happen with your downloaded mod. The issue there was I didn't assign a default tint file at the time. :^)
  • Feel free to take screenshots and add it to the mod page! I'd love to see how Toasty Alistair chills about in your game.