Dragon Age: Origins

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My own (reworked) presets.

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This are the presets I use for my game.

I reworked them completely because I integrated my own mods in it. ( I
am a smart lass!) ;)

Unfortunately you will need other mods to make this presets working.
These mods are needed:

Dalishious 45 Real Skin tones
Unique Face Textures for Companions DAO Edition
SJCs Lipstick -mole and freckle textures
Vilissa Eyes AIO
Simple Makeup tattoos
Colorful Makeup
Elf Update
colorful hair both versions
The hairald of Andraste
colorful hair highlighted
F Morgana Face Textures
Hairald of Andraste Accessories You need to look on this page for the needed hairstyles,
there are no direct links. Hairstyles on this Page:

NightcrawlersPearl with Circlet 05 / hf_har_ncpearlc05_0
Cazy’sBlackbird with Circlet 11/ hf_har_cbbc11_0
Nightcrawler19 with Leaves Crown / ef_har_nc19lc_0 &em_har_nc19lc_0

Recommended mods:

SJC's Vanilla Face Textures Replacements
SJC's Patchy Skin Fix
Better Makeup
HD Eyebrow and Stubble presets
Texture Pack Hair

Most of those mods are very common so I guess that you will have most of
them already.

Please make sure that you first install all required mods before using my
presets or they will NOT work as they should.

If someone need a realistic teeth version please let me know!


Iam going to make this again as short as possible:

In order for this mod to work put it here:

Once this is done open your chargencompiler and smash that compile-button

Start the game and enjoy!

If you have any Problems with the Installation of the mods please ask! (I only bite when I am hungry!)