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My take on the companions! Origins & Awakening.

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It is done! All Origins (sans Sten*) and Awakening companions!

The Origin Crew

Alistair:  I adore Dalishious' VisiblyElf-Blooded and I really wanted to try my hand at an elfy Alistair. I gave his ears slight points and enlarged his irises a bit, filled out his stubble, and darkened his hair and eyes. Most of the facial changes I made were light, mostly tweaking his mouth, nose and cheeks. I also gave him freckles, because freckles. XD

Leliana: I finally found the perfect short hairstyle that I adore, since Marjolaine specifically mentions Leliana having short, boyish hair I feel like it fits so much better than the old version, and I gave her more subdued makeup as befitting a Chantry lay-sister. I also gave her more vibrant hair and eye colors. She also has all of the freckles, as she should.

For the Leliana's Song morph, I wanted the difference to be stark. She has more makeup: brighter lips and heavier eye shadow and blush, as well as long hair, styled the same was as Marjolaine's (my version, anyway). She also has thinner eyebrows and longer, more dramatic lashes.

And a fun little subtle detail: She has barley any freckles in her Leliana's Song morph (only the freckles on her skin texture), and many more and much darker freckles in her Origin morph. More exposure to the sun (no masks or fancy hats Chantry sister) equals more freckles! :D

Loghain: He's gained a scar, as befitting a man who's lead many a battle, a broken nose, stubble, a healthier complexion and an overall refinement of his existing features. I’m also finally happy with his hair. XD The strands of gray suit him.

Morrigan: I very much love the idea of a Chasind Morrigan, so I made a Chasind Morrigan. :D I gave her a darker skin tone and Chasind face paint (pretend ti's not actually Avvar). She also have black scleras because there's an amazing mod for DAI that gives black scleras to the different races, and it works so well for Kieran and Morrigan that I also just absorbed that into my personal headcanon. Since I also use the black sclera elf eye replacer it leads to some JUICY implications regarding Inquisition things *sough*Flemythal*cough*.

Oghren: I surprisingly didn’t change too much. I softened his features slightly, so he looks less like a droopy drunk, changed his hair and eye colors to be a bit brighter. He also gained a broken nose, as befitting a man of the warrior caste, facial tattoos and a new beard. I'm pleasantly surprised with how happy I am with him.

Wynne: Wynne gained some new changes from last time. She now has glasses, and because of that her facial structure has changed from last update. Her jaw is thinner and her cheek bones are lower and a bit less pronounced. The cheek change was to try to keep her cheeks from clipping into her glasses. Mostly works but with some expressions her there is still slight clipping. :( I also changed her hair color. It's now a very pale brown, since she is in her mid-50s and hair does lighten/gray with age.

For fun, I also made a version to go in line with my favorite headcannon. The headcanon was, more or less that, while the spirit did bring her back, doing so aged her drastically in the process; in essence taking some of remaining time. In the alternating version, Wynne will have her "younger" at Ostagar (the version shown in my mod), via a new headmorph and UTC editing of her armor, and then have her look "older" at the Circle, which would be after she had died and came back. Does it make sense based on Petra talking to Wynne when you meet them again in the tower? Not really, but it's fun! :D

Zevran: My handsome man. <3 I'm honestly so pleased with how he turned out OMG. He honestly has very minor tweaking compared to the others, I did mostly  small edits to his jaw, cheeks and nose, just making him look younger overall. I darkened up his skin a bit and gave him a brighter blonde shade for his hair, while making his brows a darker brown. He got a new hairstyle that I love SO much, and he got his earring!

The Awakening Wardens
Anders: I was looking for some morphs for DA2 companions (for when I finally play XD) and found WardenAnders's mod Ander Anders. The thought behind it being, and I'm paraphrasing here, he go0t his "name" because he looked Ander, and the Anderfels are about as north as Antiva and Rivain, so instead of being as pale as most Fereldens, it made sense for him to actually be darker. And in that moment I knew what I had to do.

He has a darker complexion and while his hair is still light-ish, his stubble is darker. Since he's escaped the Circle so often, and I doubt the Templars were nice about bringing him back, he has a crooked nose. He has a slight smile, a smirk even, since he acts the part of jokester in the majority of his dialogues. He also has his DA2 hair, as he deserves. And his earring! It truly is the best of both worlds.

Justice: The first favorite resident Fade spirit. While I adore Dalishious' Justice morph, I just wanted to try to have him look closer to Kristoff. So, he now has a scar on left eye, more filled out stubble, and a short, cropped haircut.

Nathaniel: The elder Howe. He has a some scruff, a couple scars from his time as a squire, and a smattering of freckles (courtesy of his lovely face texture). He's angry and probably exhausted when you first meet him, what with hearing what his father did and then realizing he just really wanted to get some of his families things, and, you know, being thrown into the dungeon, so I gave him some fairly pronounced bags under his eyes.

I know some mods change Velanna so much she stops looking like herself, so I tried my best to keep her vibe in tact. I think I succeeded! My biggest departures were her hair and her vallaslin. I've changed all the Dalish in my game to using commanderstrawberry's port of tropelicious' vallaslin mod, with the different versions going on the different clans we see in game, and while Velanna's original vallaslin still kinda matched, I wanted to try changing it. I'm not actually sure which Creator her new vallaslin represents, but I think it suits her and (her sister) quite well.

Sigrun deserves to be adorable, and I think I succeeded if I do say so myself. XD She has a scar because, as I always say, all bad-ass ladies deserve bad-ass scars. I don't really have much else to say, she's the prettiest, most adorable dwarf lady I've ever made and I couldn't be more proud. XD I also changed her hair from last time, and after finally managing to get some time to play and finally meet her, I'm so much happier with her new hair. I think it really suits her!

*I personally use CommanderStrawberry's amazing Cookies for Sten. Sten of the Beresaad is a phenomenal option as well.

Just unzip the file and plop it in your override folder (Username\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override). :)

If you're wanting to use the any of the alternate files, like the alternate Lelianas or Alternating Wynne, you need download the main file first, then download the alternate file in optional files, unzip the alternate file like normal, and then overwrite the corresponding file in the main folder.

Just delete the folder. :)

Mods Pictured
CawCrowche's Reshade Preset For DAO
Real Pigment - a skin tint fix
True Colours REDUX
Alternative Default Eyes (version B - uncompressed)
HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers
Subtler Default Skin Replacers
LHK's Mini hair pack (splotchy hair fix)
Glimmering Griffons
Grey Wardens of Ferelden (Royal Wardens retexture)
Thedosian Grey Wardens (Raiment of the Orlesian Warden retexture)
New Robes for Morrigan (Morrigan winter coat) (Morrigan's Robes Collection retexture)
TSM Sacred Ashes Robes of Possession
Revised Tattoos (Complete Pack)
Armor of the Devout
Lay-Sister Leliana
Epilogue Leliana wears Leliana Item Pack gear
Wynne's Aequitarian Robes
Return to Ferelden (Ferelden Revision)
Zevran (outfit only)
Epilogue Legion of the Dead Armor for Oghren
Inquisition Mage Armour (Merril colourway)
Cookies for Sten
natural lighting for the character creator
Party Picker Animations

A huge thank you to the following mod authors, these morph could not have been made without you!
CommanderStrawberry, Dalishious, LesbianBear, Jenya, ShepShy, Barnzi, SammyJC, Exarielle, Boonside, LastoftheCouslands, Pineappletree, tmp7704, Kani Hime and Shanamah.