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Various morphs for npc's and player characters

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I've been making character morphs ever since I learned how to use the toolset, and while I've deleted various of them over the years I thought it high time to share a few of them that I'm happy with.

Some of these are morphs of npc's, and others are for player characters. I'll be adding new ones as I make them.

Included are all the files you will need for the morph to work, the mop/mor file and mhr toolset files,
if something doesn't work feel free to let me know.

Edit: I've changed the images to show both the toolset and CC version (in-game) on suggestion to make it easier for people to see how the morphs will look.
I've often noticed certain aspects can change and that the toolset doesn't translate everything the way they appear.
Hopefully this way it'll be easier for people ^^

Edit2: I've re-uploaded my files without the included files needed for the morphs to work, they can instead be found in the requirement tab below
I wasn't aware I shouldn't have included them, but someone kindly pointed it out to me so I made this change. I apologize for any inconvenience I might've caused to the modders who's files I used *bows*

I've also uploaded a new morph for a character I had planned to play but couldn't find a proper origin for, so if anyone likes her...give her a whirl ^^

morphs can be edited and changed, but for the player characters please do give credit
Also if you decide to use them, show me some screenshots, I'd love to see them ^^

For the player characters, in the chargenmorphcfg file add the following line(s) beneath the correct race and gender:
<resource name="ef_tabris.mop" />
<resource name="hf_amell.mop"/>
<resource name="em_mahariel.mop"/>
<resource name="hm_cousland.mop"/>
<resource name="df_brosca.mop"/>
<resource name="dm_aeducan.mop" />
<resource name="hf_helena.mop" />

<resource name="hf_femcousrequest.mop"/> (conversion of tabris morph)