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For people who want vanilla-toned Merrill in her DA2 outfit without her body having a mismatched skin tone.

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- Uploaded the headmorph as per request of gaymorrigan (very powerful username right there)! 
-ver 1.3 is UP! S/O to ladyepilogue's suggestions or else this mod would not have come as far as it has. (02/15/2018)

I'm like, a total freak for visual continuity, so I did this.

I use hawkethority's Brown Merrill mod in DA2 where Merrill gets back her original skin tone, and I wanted to see if I could replicate the non-whitewashed look in DAO. After making my own headmorph (which is not included BTW), I then decided to edit Merrill's utc file to replace her vanilla mage robes, however the patches where her skin was visible were very white. While looking through the Kirkwall Exports mod, I learned any retextures of the ported DA2 armors can work in DAO. So I extracted the dds files from Default Merrill Armor with no Holes by cactuschef (which coincidentally patches up any visible skin from the armor)  and well, here we are! This mod will look great with any Merrill headmorph that use her vanilla skin tone (04).

The latest version now has 4 texture options. The patched-up look has either full or partial retextures, and so does a no-patch look. Full just means all four texture maps are in there, all properly made and labelled. Partial only has three of the maps. I kept the Partial versions up cause I'm quite partial to them (did you catch that pun LOL).

Kirkwall Exports by amycus

For the headmorph:

Unique Face Textures for Companions DAO Edition by ElliseBarnzi Face Textures by Barnzi88All In One Texture Pack by Kani Hime (for tattoo)New Eyes for DAOT by ViLiSSa
DA2 Merrill Armor by BioWare
Default Merrill Armor with no Holes by cactuschef
Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex

(V 1.3) Install Kirkwall Exports. Unzip the BMCF, keep only one retexture version in the mod folder you are placing in the override. These mods must be installed before your Warden arrives back in camp during the Dalish Origin. The mod folder in your override should look like this BTW:

(V 1.0) Make sure Kirkwall Exports is properly installed, then just unzip the Merrill Continuity Fix and drop it in your override folder. 

  • This modifies the file bed200cr_merrill.utc, so any duplicates of this file in your override folder will conflict
  • (for Partial retextures only) The extracted .dds files seem to saturate Merrill's Robes to match the character's skin tone. This works fine for Merrill, but if you decide to spawn a robe for a dark-skinned Warden to equip, it'll look very dim and fried.
  • There is a visual glitch that happens with Merrill when you're far enough from her. Her outfit looks like a squashed T-pose. However, once your close enough it goes back to normal. I was thinking it was an LOD problem but I don't know how to fix that. This glitch seems to persist without an overriding retexture as well. (currently looking to resolve this issue)
  • I currently do not want to meddle with texture maps so I just did the job of compiling them. This is why in a Full retexture of a patched up Merrill, her arm patches are dark and don't match the light subscription of the rest of the outfit.
  • The headmorph featured in the images is a personal one I made and is not included in this mod. My Merrill morph is now up! :^) It will conflict with other mods that use ef_bed200_merrill.mor