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They had "dwarf" in their name in the toolset, so I made them dwarves.
That's it, that's the mod.

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So, while looking about the Toolset, as you do, I noticed something.

There were three men, labeled "lot100cr_dwarfm_farmer1", "lot100cr_dwarfm_farmer2" and "lot100cr_dwarfmerch", and even though they had "dwarf" in their names, they were all human. Some NPCs are like that, like how there's a few elven mage and tranquil that show up human in Magi origin. However, the while the elven mages are labeled as elves in their character file...and the dwarf men with dwarf in their name are listed as human.

Excuse me what?

So, ignoring that, I made them dwarves. Because if it's name lists it as a male dwarf, it should probably actually be a male dwarf. I tried to go be as no fuss as possible in terms of not using too much cc, so you won't have to worry about adding too much into your game!

ALSO, as a miscellaneous download, I've uploaded my dwarf replacer edit of Commander Strawberry's amazing Black Eyes (Dark Sclera for Chargen). I've uploaded a good few dwarves now and I've gotten some questions about the sclera edits, since I mention them in those uploads and all of the pictures show the black scleras, so this is for you guys!

100% full credit to Commander Strawberry for everything, I just edited the dwarf files to make them work as a replacer. Please make sure to download her files and endorse her work if you decided you want to use the edited dwarf replacer! It's only fair. :)

Download the file, unzip the folder, and plop it into your override folder (Username\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)

As these are UTC edits to change their races, if you have any other mods affecting the same UTC files, mine will not take effect. Make sure to either delete those other files OR make sure my files are loaded after (mods are loaded alphabetically).

If you download this after already entering Lothering (dealing with the bandits on the Imperial Highway counts as entering Lothering) they also won't take effect. Make sure you either are playing on a new save or at the very least a save where you just left Flemeth's hut and are on the way to Loitering.

Just delete the folder. :)

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Tepkunset for their always amazing skin and eye tints
Ellise for her beautiful skin textures
CommanderStrawberry for her black sclera edit