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New morphs for Jowan, covering the Circle Mage Origin, The Arl of Redcliffe quest and Jowan's Intention. Includes UTC edits for Jowan's appearances as well as his unintended twin in Jowan's Intention.

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So, I like Jowan. The Circle origin was the first Origin I played and I will always have a soft spot for him. So, I decided to spruce him up a bit! :D

In the base game, Jowan looks exactly the same in his appearances. Mage robes when he's supposed to be an inconspicuous tutor, perfectly healthy looking in the dungeon. Completely unchanged before or after. I understand why that's the case, but I'm just a sucker for characters changing their appearance as the story progresses. And after finding stoupax's Jowan the Tutor and Levyn the Apostate, I decided to try my hand at something something similar!

Circle Origin

Just some slight changes. I edited his skin tone, made his eyes more of a blue as opposed to the greyish tone they were before, tweaked his eyebrows a bit, made slight changes to his mouth and nose and gave him some freckles, as a treat.

The Arl of Redcliffe

Since he's been in the dungeons for who knows how long and he'd been tortured by Isolde and her men for answers he didn't have, I wanted him to look rough. I gave him bruised and discolored skin, a super scruffy face with overgrown sideburns, disheveled hair, deep eye bags and made his nose even more crocked.

I gave him a new outfit, generic commoner clothes, since Isolde was the only one who knew he was a mage. Much easier to play off being just a normal tutor/member of the house staff when dressed as a commoner as opposed to a circle mage.

Jowan's Intention

NOTE: As Jowan's Intention is bugged in the game and normally inaccessible (as stated on the wiki), you'll need either Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack or theskymoves' Jowan's Intention Fix in order to actually see these in game.
(Also, I have no saves on hand to take pictures of the edits I made, so feel free to post your own! :D)

Being free from the dungeon, I changed his face texture back to what it was originally, lightened his stubble a bit, but still keeping it darker than in the circle, and gave him longer hair (in the form of a tied back bun). He's all healed up, ready to help people and do some good, just like he wanted to.

I've given Jowan Reaper's Vestments and the Torch of Embers as his weapons and armor, as opposed to his generic mage robes.

I've also included an edited UTC for Jowan's inexplicable twin (one of his refugees uses his face morph), swapping his morph out with a different one from the magi origin (he now uses the morph of the mage who regretted not becoming a warden).  I decided on that one to  a. match the toolset referring to his refugees as "old"  and b. to match the other two refugees who also reuse morphs from the magi origin. I also changed his commoner clothes to a different style, just as personal preference.

Make sure you've downloaded all of required mods and have them in your override.
Download the file, unzip the folder, and plop the folder into your override folder (Username\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)

Just delete the folder. :)

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The Circle Reforged
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Fereldan Menswear
True Colours REDUX
White Teeth
HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers

Alternative Default Eyes
Real Pigment - a skin tint fix
CawCrowche's Reshade Preset For DAO

A big thank you to the following mod authors, these morph could not have been made without you!
Dalishious, as always, for their amazing skin tints.
Kani Hime for her skin textures and freckles.
Barnzi for her beautiful tints.
Ellise for her skin textures.
ShepShy for her selection of hairstyles.
SammyJC for their amazing skin textures.