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Overhauls Time Dilation in Cyberpunk to provide a more challenging and rewarding experience. Featuring all new abilities such as Katana Reflect, Vehicle Time Dilation, and Teleportation!

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This mod is currently compatible with Cyberpunk v1.63 Hotfix 2. The update for 2.0 is in the works, but I will be on the road until the end of September.

Please note that with the significant changes to cyberware and all of the features of this mod CDPR implemented in the game, it is going to take some time once I am back to get everything in order.

This mod was created to address what felt like some fundamentally broken aspects of the way Time Dilation is handled within Cyberpunk 2077. This mod touches nearly every aspect of Time Dilation, and features 344 configurable variables to control it all!

This mod primarily:
  • Provides some minor bug fixes and quality of life options
  • Changes the way NPCs behave in time dilation
  • Changes how Scanning/Quickhack Time Dilation works
  • Completely reworks the Sandevistan Operating System (including versions that make ranged weapons viable, allow Katana bullet reflection, activate time dilation in vehicles, and allow the player to teleport)

For the purposes of this mod page, the default values will be utilized in discussing the various changes. Generally speaking, this mod aims to make Time Dilation gameplay more challenging and rewarding than the vanilla implementation. The 344 configurable variables in a Native Settings UI mod menu allow you to change and tweak the mod to your heart’s content.


Unpack the zip file into your Cyberpunk 2077 install directory, or install with Vortex. This mod will add files to “\archive\pc\mod\”, “\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\”, and “\r6\input\”.

To uninstall, uninstall through Vortex or manually delete the files added to the directories above and walk away! Any of the new cyberware or Sandevistan fragments added by this game will be gone when you load the game.


The primary means of controlling the gameplay variables is through the Native Settings UI mod. To access this, you need to go to the main Cyberpunk 2077 menu, then select “MODS,” and then select “TDO” at the top.

Time Dilation settings are reverse from what is in the game. The game reports it as “slow time to x%”, but the values in the mod menu are “slows time by x%.” So setting a value of “75” in the mod menu would result in the game telling you “slows time to 25%.”

Important note about changing settings in the Native Settings UI: The majority of the changes this mod makes will not be seen in the game until you reload a save after changing a settings.

There is an existing bug in Native Settings UI that if you have more than one page of mod menus, the first page that loads after clicking “MODS” will be unresponsive. Simply change to the next page of mod menus, then go back and you can unfreeze the frozen menu.

If you are morally opposed to using Native Settings UI for some reason, and don’t have it installed, changes made to “userConfig.lua” in the “\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\tdo\config\userConfig.lua” file will be reflected the next time you start the game. Good luck figuring out what all the variable names mean, and in general if something is in quotes, don’t change it!


This mod makes some minor bug fixes to the Synaptic Accelerator and Reflex Tuner cyberware. In the base game, as soon as the effects of those cyberwareare triggered, they immediately entered cooldown and did not stop you from trying to trigger another Time Dilation effect like Sandevistan. This would result in you wasting an activation of Sandevistan (as it wouldn’t apply the Time Dilation, since you were already in Time Dilation).

This mod fixes that. HOWEVER, there is still a very small window when the Synaptic Accelerator and Reflex Tuner cyberware ends when Time Dilation is still unsetting when you can activate it. Just be sure to wait till the blue screen effect is totally gone before trying to activate Sandevistan.

This mod also fixes a vanilla bug that prevented you from using time dilation after looking at a loot container with more than two items, and will more firmly remove the Sandevistan player buff when exiting time dilation.

This mod also addresses a weird bug that crops up where ranged weapons stop firing quite as fast. It is important to note that this only addresses the symptom, not the cause, as this has to do with the passage of EngineTime within the game.


This mod allows NPCs with Sandevistan and Kerenzikov cyberware to enter Time Dilation with you. What this means is that they won’t be stuck in complete slow motion, and if they have more effective Time Dilation cyberware than you, they can actually still use their cyberware effects!

Each version of the NPC cyberware is assigned a Time Dilation strength, which if it is worse than yours will make them move faster than their counterparts, but not quite at full speed. For example, if their cyberware is 50% slower than your Time Dilation strength, they will move 50% slower than normal.

However, if the NPC has better cyberware than you, they will move faster than normal by that amount, and can activate their Time Dilation abilities! It is always best to scan a group of enemies before running in with Sandevistan.

This effect applies to enemies who have noticed you, and any Drone Companions you may have from the Drone Companions mod.

Also, there is an artificial limit in the game which forces the NPCs you miss you if they hit you too recently, defined as “Time Between Hits.” This time is not scaled to Time Dilation, so when you activate very strong Time Dilation effects, you become effectively immune to ranged fire. This mod scales “Time Between Hits” to be comparable with your Time Dilation strength. So enemies will no longer always shoot around you like storm troopers; and you have to actually dodge their bullets!


In the base game, a player who extensively relies on quick-hacks can slow time indefinitely by activating their Scanner and choose to apply quickhacks at their leisure with no risk whatsoever. This mod makes changes to add more risk to quick-hacking, and reward high intelligence builds.

Whenever Time Dilation is active while scanning, a green status bar will appear below the stamina bar and decay. It will recharge when the player exits scanning time dilation. If the bar completely depletes, scanning time dilation is removed and completely blocked until the bar completely recharges.

The base duration of scanning time dilation and the cooldown/recharge are impacted by the player's Intelligence score. A high score increases the length of time the player can be in time dilation and decreases the cooldown/speeds up the recharge. Additionally, wearing a Netrunner suit provides a bonus to the duration and cooldowns based on the suit quality.


The increases to damage have been removed since the player is already getting a huge buff to damage by effectively increasing their attack speed. As they are not needed, and it just makes balancing the game even harder, they are removed whenever changes are enabled for a group of Sandevistans.

Sandevistan Damage Over Time (DOT)

The Sandevistan DOT applies damage to the player that scales with the strength of the Sandevistan’s Time Dilation strength. If you slow time too much, moving and operating that quickly damages your body. However, there is a settable Time Dilation threshold, below which there is no DOT.

The DOT damage is calculated based on the player’s “resting health.” This means that consumables like the Health Booster, Deimos (WE3D), and Be-Rite Back (WE3D) that increase your health pool don’t cause the DOT to do more damage. A prepared Sandevistan user always goes into combat juiced to the gills!

Sandevistan Visual Effects Changes

This mod features options to have a graded approach to Sandevistan visual effects (the blue blurry screen). Using the Time Dilation strength threshold, Sandevistans with a lower strength will have a more mild screen effect, while Sandevistans above it will have the typical blue screen.

Sandevistan Manufacturers

Now on to the real meat of the mod: the differentiation of each Sandevistan manufacturer with distinct playstyles and unique abilities, and the addition of new Sandevistans!

(This mod adds a new Mk. 4 version of this cyberware: the “Valkyrie.”)

The Zetatech Sandevistans are intended to enhance the user’s ranged weapons by overclocking the firing modules to just under the manufacturer’s safety limits. This cyberware may not slow down the user’s perception of time as much as other manufacturers, but will allow them to consistently put an absurd amount of lead down range.

The Dynalar Sandevistans feature a few unique features that makes their wielder a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. Tapping into the neural pathways associated with fight-or-flight instincts, these Sandevistans are able to offload some of the computational power to the user’s brain. This computational synergy extends the duration of the Dynalar Sandevistans when an opponent is killed up close and personal with a melee weapon.

This cyberware also enhances the user’s reflexes, increasing their ability to mitigate incoming damage at any range while blocking with a bladed weapon. The highest tier of this Sandevistan, the “Jade Fox,” takes this one step further allowing the user to reflect ranged attacks towards their current target. This mitigation is draining on the user’s stamina, so care should be taken to limit exposure to a continuous hail of bullets!

The Katana Reflect triggers whenever the incoming ranged attack damage from the front is mitigated. The stamina drain for Katana Reflect, and the weaker versions, is calculated based on the players “resting stamina,” meaning consumables like the Stamina Booster, Deimos (WE3D), and Donner (WE3D) do not increase the stamina drain.

This mod includes options to allow Katana Bullet Reflection while in Time Dilation only, or in- and out- of Time Dilation. It also has options to allow Bullet Reflection with a Katana only, or Katana and Mantis Blades (which don't look quite as good IMHO).

QianT Sandevistans are known for their ability to apply high Time Dilation for a longer duration than any other manufacturer. These Sandevistans enable to the user to slow time to nearly a standstill and either reposition silently, or dispatch a group of foes before they are even aware they are in danger.

(This mod adds a new Mk. 4 version of this cyberware: the “Kestrel.”)

Militech has been hard at work in recent years perfecting their Sandevistans. They strike a good compromise between moderate Time Dilation and duration. Under pressure from the ranged weapon performance increases from Zetatech and Raven, they have upped their game with their latest product line, the “Kestrel” and the “Falcon.”

These two Sandevistans feature improvements similar to the Zetatech ranged weapon speed improvements. While Zetatech still outperforms in that regard, the Militech enhances the Power, Tech, and Smart aspects of the user’s weapons for more tactically minded users.

(This cyberware is entirely new)

Not to be outdone by Militech and Zetatech, Raven has entered the Sandevistan arena recently with the “Fusillade.” This Sandevistan is based on old Euro Business Machines (EBM) patents Raven recently acquired the rights to. While the EBM patents pertained to a system dubbed “Metalstorm,” which focused on increaasing anti-tank AI perception speeds during the Fourth Corporate War to unleash a barrage of projectiles, this technology has been further refined by Raven to operate within the confines of a Sandevistan.

This new Sandevistan removes all manufacturer safety restrictions from ranged weapons, allowing the user to fire at the maximum mechanical rate the weapon can fire. Due to liability concerns, and the extreme amount of Time Dilation, the “Fusillade” is limited in duration. Raven discourages any aftermarket tampering of this Sandevistan.

(This cyberware is entirely new)

The Fuyutsuki “Kurosawa” Sandevistan has rarely been seen outside of Japan. However, recently these have begun appearing in Night City. No one knows where they came from, only that they represent of the most elegant and impressive Sandevistans around. Not only does this Sandevistan slow time to an impressive degree, it comes loaded with Katana Skillsoft which allows the user to strike an enemy so quickly and precisely, that they do not realize they have been killed until it is too late.

(This cyberware is entirely new)

MoorE had a problem with lagging sales of their older Sandevistan lines, and decided they needed to go back to the drawing board and do something no one had ever seen before.

After years stuck in R&D, prototype versions of the “Quantum” have been arriving in Night City of late, and this Sandevistan is a doozy. Firstly, the “Quantum” passively increases the user’s reflexes, making them ever so much harder to hit outside of time dilation.

The “Quantum” features a unique malware delivery device that, when triggered by physical contact, can underclock an opponents cyberware, effectively slowing them to a crawl.

This Sandevistan also features an even more unusual feature: when activated the Sandevistan practically stops time an allows the user to plot a course. Once the course has been accepted, a specialized module takes temporary control of the user’s body and moves them faster than their ‘ganic brain ever could. From the user’s perspective, they effectively teleport to their destination. This effect also uploads the “Quantum’s” malware to nearby opponents.

Some in the dark corners of Night City claim that this malware is a newly, and very illegally, developed AI by MoorE. Others speculate that it is the tendrils of an AI from beyond the Blackwall that is tentatively seeking pliable minds to do its bidding. That said, using a MoorE “Quantum” might just be worth the risk.


Sandevistan Fragment Quality Limitations

This mod features options to prevent you from installing a Sandevistan Fragment that has a quality higher than your Sandevistan. For example, if you have a Rare Sandevistan installed, you can't install Epic or Legendary fragments. This is primarily done to enhance the sense of progression. As with everything else, if you don't like it you can disable it.

Sandevistan HeatSink Changes

The default values in this mod greatly reduce the cooldowns of the Sandevistans. As a result, a straight “x second” reduction could result in some ridiculous cooldowns. There are two primary changes to Heatsinks:

  • Change the straight time reduction to a % time reduction
  • Limit the installation of Heatsinks to the first Sandevistan slot only

Flux-Capacitor (Vehicle Time Dilation)

(This is a completely new series of Sandevistan Fragments)

This Sandevistan Fragment allows the player to activate time dilation while driving. While the vehicle does not go any faster, turning performance and road grip are greatly improved. This is a must-have Fragment for any would be road warriors.

This effect is toggleable by pressing the same key used to activate the player’s Sandevistan. Whenever Time Dilation is active, a status bar will appear at the top of the screen and decay. When toggled off, it will recharge. If the bar completely depletes, vehicle Time Dilation is removed and completely blocked until the bar completely recharges.

Currently this modification is available in English, Polish (gojowenus), Russian (040498), Simplified Chinese (Zo7lin), Traditional Chinese (chin880810 & hansdofer), French (DjamZ), Japanese (aile1111), and Brazilian Portuguese (Raid3n101). However, it has been setup to allow for relatively easy translation. If you do translate this mod, I only request that if you please provide me a copy of the translated files so I can include it with the main mod. All credit for the translation will go to you.

Mod Menu & Tooltips

If you are interested in translating the menu options and most of the item tooltip text, all you need to do is make a copy of “\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\tdo\modules\languages\en-us.lua”, rename the copy (see below), translate the text strings, and put the renamed file in the “\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\tdo\modules\languages\” folder for this mod.

NOTE: if you have a valid translated file, you won’t see changes to the Native Settings UI mod menu or item tooltip descriptions if you change the game language until you restart the game.

File Names for Each Language:
  • ”ar-ar.lua” = ARABIC
  • ”cz-cz.lua” = CZECH
  • ”de-de.lua” = GERMAN
  • ”es-es.lua” = SPANISH
  • ”es-mx.lua” = SPANISH, LATIN AMERICAN
  • ”hu-hu.lua” = HUNGARIAN
  • ”it-it.lua” = ITALIAN
  • ”kr-kr.lua” = KOREAN
  • ”th-th.lua” = THAI
  • ”tr-tr.lua” = TURKISH

Item Names & Descriptions

To edit the Item Names and Descriptions, you'll need to install WolvenKit and open "\archive\pc\mod\TDO.archive". Inside the archive you should find a file called "en-us.json." You need to make a copy of that file within the same location in the archive and rename it (see general naming convention above) and translate the descriptions. NOTE: Do not change the keys, just translate the "femaleVersion" text.

Once you're done translating, you need to pack and install the archive. Then you need to open up "\archive\pc\mod\TDO.archive.xl" and add the entry for the new language!

This mod has been tested extensively with the Cyberpunk THING mod collection which contains over 100 gameplay related mods. It is relatively compatible with the wider mod world.

Changes to the mod have been made to make the following mods explicitly compatible:

This modification has been developed as part of the mod collection, Cyberpunk THING, to fill a gap in what is currently available in other mods.

The Cyberpunk THING team is comprised of TeslaCoiled (the code monkey), brahmax (the visionary), and z9r (the wildcard).

Cyberpunk THING Mods:

TeslaCoiled's Other Mods:

Special thanks to brahmax and z9. This project started with a random message from brahmax back in April about fixing Sandevistans. Throughout the whole process brahmax and z9 have been stalwart thought partners, idea men, motivators, and beta testers! Couldn’t have done this without either of you!

Also, our amazing testers Derisat and jermz for such dedication and attention to detail!

Additional thanks and credits to: