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WolvenKit is the ultimate modding tool for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 allowing you to edit the files of the game and add new ones

Permissions and credits
WolvenKit is a tool that allows you to edit the files of the game and create new ones to add it to the game. Currently we are in a bit beta stage so expect a couple of bugs but we can hopefully fix most of then as we go.
  • AssetBrowser to browse the files of the game without unpacking the archives
  • CR2W editor: Edit any file of the game
  • Mesh exporter tool
  • All in one tool for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077
We hope we can bring you an even better experience pretty soon ( we may have a very basic level renderer in the works)
I hate to ask for this but we have many people putting in countless hours into this project and I would love to buy them a hoodie or a coffie to keep them motivated so if you can chip in on our patreon ❤


We are completely open-source so you can check out our github if you wana see the code or help out:

This release has been the tireless work of many people:
  • Traderain ( Core Development , Project Manager ) 
  • robertfuzzo ( Core Development , Co-Manager )
  • michaelpolak ( Vulkan Rendering Backend )
  • r503b  ( UI Design , Trello/Team Management  )
  • Sebi | hrkrx ( MVVM Development )
  • Nightmarea ( MVVM Development , Core Development )
  • Seberoth (Core Development)
  • HitmanHimself (Development)
  • ZATheDeadMan (Research + Installer)
  • Forsentio (Research)
  • BFG9000 (Research)
  • WSSDude420 (Development)
  • TheFusion21 (Research + Development)
  • m0xf (Research)
  • Joschka (Research)
  • Turk645  (Research) 
  • perzeuscs ( Web Design )
  • moonded  ( Web Design )
  • soulweaver1  ( Web Design )
  • Paco ( Web Design )
  • prawny ( Web Design )
  • HomeSick  ( Logo, Banner Design )
  • shorono  ( Icon Design )
  • redgalacticbear  ( Icon Design )
  • PNDR ( Icon Design )
  • Rosza (Icon Design)