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About this mod

This mod introduces a food and drink based survival mode. Be sure to keep your V fed and well hydrated or face the consequences! VERY WIP!

Permissions and credits
What does this do?
It introduces survival mechanics into the game. You must keep your character fed and hydrated to avoid bad things happening. This is very WORK IN PROGRESS and I'm looking for feedback on how to improve the mod. Let me know if the intervals for eating and drinking are too frequent, etc. Note that if your character reaches 0% in either thirst or food, you'll get a glitched screen effect until you hydrate/eat.

Note: When consuming a food or drink item, there will be a slight delay before your nutrition/hydration bars are refilled. Also if you drink alcohol, it will dehydrate you and decrease your hydration level!

Update 4/4/2021 - v0.0.10
  • Compatibility with CET 1.12.1

  1. This mod requires at least version 1.12.1 of Cyber Engine Tweaks mod.
  2. Version 1.2 of Cyberpunk 2077

How to Install
Extract the ZIP file to your CyberPunk 2077 install folder. The ZIP file will extract to the following path:

Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods

How to Use
The food and drink meters will automatically appear at the bottom left of your screen. Be sure to eat and drink in-game items to fill those bars!

Alerttheinternet#8098 - For his help in grabbing consumed item names.
Yamashi - For developing CET in the first place and making this possible.
WhySoSerious - For his awesome work in implementing ImGui and being an invaluable helpful resource.
Expired - For being a scripting god and helping all of us figure out how to use Lua scripting.
Rfuzzo - For developing amazing tools to allow us to mod this game. 
Gibbed - For developing amazing tools to allow us to mod this game.
CP77 Modding Tools Discord - For being an awesome, wholesome and helpful community.