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Install Cyberdeck and Sandevistan / Berserk at the same time

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System-EX expands cyberware slots allowing you to:
— Wear Cyberdeck and Operating System (Sandevistan / Berserk) at the same time
— Wear Smart Link and Power Grip at the same time


System-EX integrates into the Ripperdoc and Hub > Cyberware menus.

The mod expands the number of Operating System slots up to 3, and Hands slots up to 2.

With two system slots you can install one Cyberdeck and one Operating System at the same time.
With three system slots you can also install a TechDeck from Drone Companions mod.
You can't use Sandevistan and Berserk at the same time.

If you install Mod Settings, you can change slots directly from the game menu.
All changes take effect immediately and you don't need to reload your save.


1. Install redscript.
2. (Optionally) Install Mod Settings.
3. Download the latest mod archive.
4. Extract it into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

You should have <Cyberpunk 2077>/r6/scripts/SystemEx directory now.


Before removing the mod you should manually remove the extra slots.
If you use Mod Settings, then you can apply vanilla settings from the game menu and create a new save without extra slots.
If you don't use Mod Settings, then you can change the number of slots in the Settings.reds, load the save and create a new one without extra slots.


jekky, flib and all redscript contributors
yamashi, WSSDude420, Sombra, Expired and all Cyber Engine Tweaks team
RED Modding tools, WopsS, rfuzzo, Gibbed, PixelRick and all researchers
CP77 Modding Community Discord