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A massive content pack that restores tons of cut content and items as well as stuff from the previous games and more! CURRENTLY IN ALPHA

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  • Portuguese

This is a massive mod that I have spent the last few months working on that's the culmination of all my content restoration efforts over the past year. It includes over one hundred content additions, ninety of which are cut content restoration from either the Witcher 3 or previous games. I've also integrated all of my content restoration mods that I didn't collaborate with another author on so you can have everything in one neat package. Content additions include alchemy items from all three games, weapons from all three games, new diagrams/recipes to discover, the Witcher 1 drinking system that was cut from Witcher 2 and, and TONS more. There is so much here to write about that I had to put it all in a separate PDF because the Nexus mod page editor is garbage. You can download the pdf in the files section of this mod page for a more thorough description of everything in this mod. However, note that there are a few big secrets in this mod that I did not document. If you discover these either by chance or through data mining please try not to spoil them for other players. But do let me know if you've discovered them cause I'm still waiting for someone who didn't already know about them to find them.

NOTE: This is a massive mod that adds a lot of things and is in ALPHA. There WILL BE BUGS AND BALANCE ISSUES. Making this mod over the last few months was a lot of fun but all time consuming and exhausting. I definitely made a mistake somewhere that I'm not aware of. After this release I will be taking a long break from major modding releases so do not expect any fixes or improvements anytime soon. If CDPR patches the game I will update the mod at my earliest convenience.

Special Thanks

I wanted thank the countless people that helped me make this mod. It simply would have not been possible without them. In no particular order:

– Continuous support. Bouncing off ideas. Provided the Bleidd fix.
PaulR0013 – Continuous support. Helped me make my first mod.
Konyme – Continuous support.
Tinnab (Fabian) - Continuous support. Scaleform swf genius.
Nikich – Continuous support with Radish tools, WolvenKit, scripting.
Ard Carraigh – Continuous support with Radish tools, Blender, allowing me to include his custom
dyeing framework. Making some outstanding mod that go great with this one.
RyanHank – Continuous support with animations and behaviors. Making the w2beh and adapting
animations for the drunkenness system.
DingDio – Making and supporting the Witcher Blender Tools. Fixed any issues I had with it right away.
Importing items from W2 to W3 would simply not have been possible otherwise. Doing some amazing
work there.
Rmemr – Making and supporting the Radish modding tools. Outstanding achievement to make and
support such a thing on your own with little support. This mod would not have bene possible without it.
Aeltoth – Help on scripts was indispensable. Using your invisible rabbit trick finally made the Lures
DeepK – Made the potions icons
ElementaryLewis – The W3 changelog is a god send for this mod and the community. Also made some
mods that go great with this one.
Gotaimin – Help with Radish tools
SkacikPL – For allowing me to use his work on the Devil’s Pit Mod in this mod
eNoodles – The upcoming ASM for NGE is going to enhance several features of this mod.
Flipper444 – Witcher 3 cut content knowledge and inspired a lot of the restorations
MaxAeris – Did a lot of the dirty work in studying the game’s cut content
Martin – The Polish Witcher 3 cut content god
Brothers in Arms Discord – Anyone I missed who helped me. I sincerely apologize.
Wolven Workshop Discord – Anyone I missed who helped me. I sincerely apologize.
Radish Discord – Anyone I missed who helped me. I sincerely apologize.
CD Projekt Red – Thank you to all the people who made this awesome game! Nobody would care about
all the cut content if the game sucked.

Tools Used in Mod Creation
- Primarily made with the Radish modding tools by rmemr
- Blender
- Witcher Blender Tools by ding
- RedKit for Witcher 2 by CDPR
- Gimp
- Expanded Python toolbox for Radish by me (glassfish777)
- WolvenKit 7


If you are familiar with modding the game then installation should be straightforward. If you are not I've included a detailed guide in the pdf in the files section. There is also a readme file in the main download that explains the installation process. The way this file is written is a reference to something that 99% of you won't get but props if you do.

Warning: This mod was primarily made using the Radish modding tools. Once you install and create a save with it those saves will always requires this mod to be


This mod is only compatible with the NEXT GEN EDITION OF THE GAME(4.04). I'm sorry but this mod took me hundreds of hours to make and test. I could've completed the game several times over in the amount of time it took me to make this. A classic(1.32) will not be happening since I would need to re make several parts of this mod.

I've leveraged the game's DLC system, definition override system, and local scripts to their maximum possible extents to make this mod as compatible with others and possible. However, I did still have to edit many vanilla scripts and as far as I know these are all merge-able with Script Merger. There are also a two vanilla xmls edited, two vanilla csvs, and a few w2ents. For the most part you can override these conflicts at the cost of features however the gwent card xml is not going to be compatible with any other mods that edit it. I've included an extended explanation in the pdf as to why.


This mod is only available in English, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese (only with linked translation mod). Text will appear in English for all other languages. Anyone is free to create a translation. Just DM for the csv file and I'll try to include it in the next update. I will warn you however that this will probably be the biggest mod you have ever translated.

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