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Definitive collection of 5,000+ bug fixes and restored content from across the entire game.

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Brothers in Arms - TW3 Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection (BiA) is a collection of 5,062 bug fixes and restored content for The Witcher 3, spanning the entire campaign and both expansion packs.  The fixes consist of a variety of categories and types, including: quest fixes, dialogue fixes, restoring of hidden / cut content, gameplay fixes, journal fixes, graphical issues, and more.

This mod is for the Next-Gen version of the game. Click here to download the Classic version.

Click to expand (includes spoilers for the game):

Starting from version 1.6 BIA offers to download an optional add-on, which includes controversial restored content. Here is a list of restored sequences and the reasons why they didn't make the main mod (click to expand):

Download the archive, extract the files.
Copy modBrothersInArms folder to your The Witcher 3\mods folder.
Copy dlcBrothersInArms folder to your The Witcher 3\dlc folder.
Check for conflicts with Script Merger. Merge if necessary.
Both folders are required for the mod to function properly.

Delete modBrothersInArms from your The Witcher 3\mods folder.
Delete dlcBrothersInArms from your The Witcher 3\dlc folder.
Run Script Merger to fix merged scripts (if any).

Here is a list of mods you may have questions about their compatibility (click to expand):

Thanks to K1ngTr4cker for creating the auto-updater for the mod.
Thanks to glassfish777 for fix contributions and for help in making/updating the mod.
Thanks to ElementaryLewis for fix contributions and his general help.
Thanks to KoalaNalle for giving permission to incorporate parts of Besserwisser/Nitpicker mods into BIA.