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Restores 5 additional cut perks(yellow skills) back into the game! They will occupy the unused fifth row in the yellow tree. Four of these were originally intended to be included in the Hearts of Stone expansion and one was cut from the base game.

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This mod restores five cut perks(yellow branch skills). Like all of the other perks in game these skills only have 1 level that can be obtained and don't require spending a certain number of ability points to unlock. If you have my Restored Content - Yellow Mutagens mod then these skills will synergize with yellow mutagens just like the vanilla yellow skills. The fifth row of yellow skill tree was left empty so these skills can slot in without any compatibility problem inducing redswf file edits!


Four of these skills were originally intended to be included in the Hearts of Stone expansion and one skill was cut from the base game. The skill cut from the base game, Predatory Instinct, is actually still fully implemented in the game. It just needed to be uncommented from xml definition file and switched to a more appropriate icon and it was good to go. The four skills cut from Hearts of Stone have a stranger story that was shared with me by user Flipper444. Apparently, HoS was supposed to come with 10 additional perks but this was cut down to five. One of these made it back in as part of Blood and Wine but the rest were lost. The strings which revealed their existence and functionality could be found in Patch 1.10 but were shortly removed. Two of these cut perks had all of their code removed from the game's scripts while the other two only had vague references left. The latter two also had their icons left over in the Blood and Wine files indicating that CDPR might have tried to bring them back there but didn't. In either case I had to re-implement them with my own code which fortunately worked well.


The five included skills and their functionality are as follows

Predatory Instinct("Hot Hacker") - Increases the chance of dismemberment by 10% and increases the chance of Incineration when using Igni by 10%.

Does exactly what it says when equipped. This skill was still fully implement in the code and just needed its xml entry uncommented to work. I have no clue why they just left this one there while the tried so hard to scrub the other four from existence. It's back now though. Icon was chosen from the many leftover perk icons in the game.

Huntsman - Doubles the effect of the currently equipped trophy.

Does exactly what it says when equipped. I think this skill was quite interesting and was disappointed that they cut it and didn't bring it back. The only remnants of this one were two declarations of the horseManager and a trophy variable in the PlayerAbilityManager. No comments on it were made by the devs in the old commented version of the game scripts. Restoring this one required understanding the mess that is/was the horse inventory. They had originally intended for Roach to have her own inventory instead of Geralt having access to the Stash. Then they decided to bring the Stash back and just repurposed the horse inventory system they already made for it without changing its name. Whenever you equip a horse item it actually gets transferred to the stash and then put in an "Equipped" state where it gets hidden from the stash view. Fortunately, I was able to finally get the horse manager to report the currently equipped trophy so its effect could be doubled. Icon was leftover in Blood and Wine files for some reason.

Devastating Blows - Strong attacks consume 1 Adrenaline Point. Each blow struck reduces the target's Stamina to 0.

This one requires some explanation. The enemy stamina system in the vanilla game broken and unfinished. Some enemies use and regenerate stamina while others do not. Further discussion of the vanilla enemy stamina system is included in a section below. As of version 1.1 of this mod, a solution developed by user LtJoker allows this perk to be useful on enemies with non-functional stamina system. Using this skill on one of these enemies will drain its stamina to zero for one second after which its stamina will be restored back to maximum. During this period of zero stamina, the enemy will not attack giving Geralt a window to get an extra hit in. Restoring this one seemed overwhelming at first as the combat system scripts are huge mess. Fortunately, this one was actually partially left implemented in the script and had a bool declared in Dev comments in the commented version of the scripts made this possible to find. Finishing the implementation in the damage processor made this one good to go.
Icon was leftover in Blood and Wine files for some reason.

Balanced Diet - Vitality Regeneration after eating is increased by +100%.

This skill was probably an early version of the Dumplings runeword. The runeword increases the amount of vitality regenerated via eating by 100% by doubling the duration of that the effect stays and not increasing the rate of vitality regeneration itself. This skill achieves the same but instead increases the rate of regeneration by 100% giving you the same overall health regeneration in half the time. When trying to add this perk I realized what a lot of other user have know for a while, the vitality regen system in Witcher 3 messed up. To put it short, Geralt has a permanent 1 point/second vitality regen that's almost always running. The idea of the food and other healing items is to add on to this base regen rate for a certain duration. The problem is the system is bugged and food items will also buff this auto regen on top adding their own regen effect which effectively doubles their effect. Having this skill on top of that would give you x3 the foods intended effect! I went ahead and decided to fix this bug for food items only so anyone having this mod installed will notice a reduced a effect from food items as they will only buff the auto vitality regen now. If you are a user of Ghost Mode or another overhaul mode then you don't have to worry about this as those mods have this problem fixed universally for all regen items. Changes were made in to achieve this. The icon was chosen from the many leftover perk icons in the game.

Meticulous Maintenance - Enhanced Armor and Enhanced Weapons buffs now last +100% longer.

Does exactly what it says when equipped. This skill had no remnant in the current scripts and required a new function in to be implemented. Icon was chosen from the many leftover perk icons in the game.

Enemy Stamina

Note: As of version 1.1 of this mod a workaround for the broken stamina regen on vanilla enemies has be developed by user LtJoker and is included. I am however leaving my write-up below on enemy stamina regen up for reference.

In the vanilla game not all enemies have a fully working stamina system implemented. Based on my experience testing this mod, some enemies such as large flying ones(like the Griffen or Basilisk) do use their stamina to perform special attack on Geralt. Using the Devastating Blows skill against them will take their stamina down to zero preventing them from using their special attacks but it will soon regen back. On the other hand some enemies(such as the Beserker among many others) do not have a working stamina system at all(despite still having the bar over their head). Devastating Blows skill will take their stamina down to zero but it won't regen back since they don't have stamina regen implemented. It ultimately won't mean anything for these enemies since they don't use stamina to perform any of their attacks. Lastly, there are the enemies which have a stamina system partially implemented(mainly humanoid enemies). These enemies don't use stamina for their attacks but upon reaching zero stamina when the Devastating Blows ability is used against them they will stop attacking the player(stamina controls enemy aggressiveness for these enemy types). Their stamina doesn't regenerate until they are hit so they will be stuck in a non aggressive state until Geralt hits them again. These quirks make the usefulness of the Devastating Blows skills questionable for vanilla players however it might still be useful against large enemies with a work stamina system. Some overhaul mod players may find this skill much more useful if their particular overhaul fixes the enemy stamina system for all enemies.


As I couldn't make this a DLC mod, I placed all of my xml definitions in the geralt_skills_ep2.xml file as it is much smaller and more low traffic than the base game file. If you find you have a conflict with this file you can try merging since it's a very small file(I know it is generally not recommended to merge xmls). The rest of files in the mod should be several scripts that you can merge with script merger. This mod has been fully tested with and is compatible with Ghost Mode. Merging this mod with Immersive Cam may be tricky but it is fully compatible. FCR3 users should install the patch script for found under optional files. The same bugfix is contained here. This also mod requires Blood and Wine to work for now.

I tried very hard to make the xml definitions files for this mod DLCs so they wouldn't conflict with other mods. Unfortunately, the GetCustomNodeAttributeValueName('skills') call in the player ability manager just refused to pull any 'skills'
definitions from non vanilla DLC(basically it doesn't work). If anybody is familiar with this issue please reach out to me as I would really like to make the xmls 100% conflict free.


Unpack 'modAbilitiesRestore' into your 'Mods' folder. If there isn't one, create it. Resolve any conflicts using guidance in the above section.


The current status of mod localization is as follows. If you would like to
contribute human translations to replace the Google translated ones
please modify the csv files located in the CSV folder of this mod and
contact me.

   English (en)    --  written by CDPR(taken from 1.10 strings)
   Arabic (ar)    -- Google Translate
   Portuguese (br)    --
Google Translate
   Simplified Chinese (cn)    -- Missing translation
   Czech (cz)    --
Google Translate
   German (de)    --SorceressJ or see WileCoyote's translation
   Spanish (es and esMX)    -- Google Translate
   French (fr)    -- Google Translate
   Hungarian (hu)    -- Google Translate
   Italian (it)    -- Google Translate
   Japanese (jp)    --
Google Translate
   Korean (kr)    -- Google Translate
   Polish (pl)    -- See Macrophobic's translation
   Russian (ru)    -- Arkwulf
   Turkish (tr)    --
Google Translate
   Traditional Chinese (zh)    -- Google Translate


There are actually about a dozen or so left over perk icons in base game files however there is no indication in the strings or dev comments on what they were for. If I can find out what they were for I can try restoring them by writing their code from scratch. A redswf mod will however probably be required to accommodate them on the user interface as with this mod there or no additional room left in the yellow tree.

Special Thanks

Special thanks for Aeltoth for all of his advice in editing the games scripts. Thank you to MerseyRockoff for all his helping testing this with Ghost Mode. I would also like to thank Flipper444 for bringing these skills to my attention. They would have almost certainly been lost to time if hadn't brought them up as their strings only every appeared in Patch 1.10 and were the removed. I would also like to thank LtJoker for providing a fix for the broken stamina regen on some vanilla enemies and allow me to include that here with this mod. Thank you to ElementaryLewis for creating an providing a patch script for FCR3. Additional thanks to the BiA collaborators for testing this mod.

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