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Restores a cut vitality increase buff that's given by Verna shrines around Velen

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In the Witcher 3 there is an unused icon and associated definition for a buff that raises Geralt's vitality for a period of time. A further source(user Flipper444) has indicated that this buff could be obtained by interacting with the many statues of the local deity Verna located around Velen - No Man's Land. These statues still exist in the vanilla game but are nothing more than world decoration. This mod simply restores the cut the buff and allows interaction with a select few of these statues so that they give the buff.


Simply walk up to one of the Verna statues that this mod has enabled interaction with and interact with it to gain a +20% buff to maximum vitality for 30 minutes. You will only be able to get the buff if you don't currently have a Vitality Raise buff active. This mod enables interaction with 5 statues in Velen-No Man's Land. All of them feature the a shrine housing. Statues without the shrine housing will not be interactable. Four of the statues feature Verna as a creepy looking older woman while a fifth features a younger Verna(same as they appear in Vanilla). These shrines are akin to the Weather Shrines on Faroe as they are supposed to be a hidden secret with no map or witcher sense indication. You will just have to walk up to them to see if you can interact. In case you do want to know the locations of these statues ahead of time, I have included a map with their locations marked in the images sections of this mod page.


Unpack modShrineRestoration to your 'Mods' folder. If there isn't one create it. Use ScriptMerger to merge all scripts as well as the one xml file(effects_ep2.xml) in case there are conflict.
While it is typically not recommended to merge xmls, doing so should be safe for this mod. I have specifically chosen the effects file from Blood and Wine rather than the base game effects file as it is low traffic and easier to merge. I have done this for the same reasons I explained on my Restored Content-Additional Perks page; the game is still refusing to mount custom abilities as a dlc mod. This mod also must win all w2l files conflicts for it to fully work. If one of these files is overridden then you will simply lose the ability to interact with one of the statues. This mod has been verified to be fully compatible with and recommended for use with the Brothers In Arms Ultimate Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection.


The current status of mod localization is as follows. If you would like to contribute human translations to replace the Google translated ones please modify the csv files located in the CSV folder of this mod and contact me.

   English (en)    --  written by glassfish777
   Arabic (ar)    -- Google Translate
   Portuguese (br)    --
Google Translate
   Simplified Chinese (cn)    -- TianShanTengLao
   Czech (cz)    --Google Translate
   German (de)    --WileCoyote68
   Spanish (es and esMX)    -- Google Translate
   French (fr)    -- Google Translate
   Hungarian (hu)    -- Google Translate
   Italian (it)    -- Google Translate
   Japanese (jp)    -- Google Translate
   Korean (kr)    -- Google Translate
   Polish (pl)    -- Google Translate
   Russian (ru)    -- Arkwulf
   Turkish (tr)    -- Google Translate
   Traditional Chinese (zh)    -- Google Translate


Several people have already suggested adding different more interesting buffs to the statues. I fully understand that and would be interested in making that version at some point. This mod was actually rather time-consuming to make and I just wanted to get it out there before the next-gen version of the game launches.

Special Thanks

Thank you to MerseyRockoff and everyone on the Brothers in Arms discord server for their help and support. This mod was far more challenging to make than it looks. Also special thanks to Flipper444 for uncovering this cut content.

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