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Restores the cut yellow mutagen back into the game! Fully links up with yellow colored skills and provides a bonus to stamina.

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At some point in development CDPR intended to have a fourth mutagen type, yellow, featured alongside blue, green, and red. Yellow mutagens were to link up with the yellow colored skills that in the vanilla game cannot link up with mutagens to provide an additional bonus. They were however cut at some point during the development of the base game and CDPR did a fairly decent job and removing the feature from the game files. All the remained was an icon(which interestingly did receive the updated mutagen icon look in the 1.08 patch), 3 lines of code, and some yellow colored "link-up" graphics buried deep in the panel_character.redswf file. However this was enough to be able to restore the feature.

This mod restores the lesser, normal, and greater yellow mutagens back into the game. CDPR left the bonus provided by the yellow mutagen as a bonus to attack power which is identical to the red mutagen. I'm pretty sure this was not intentional and was just a result of the feature being cut before it could be finished. To make yellow mutagens more interesting for actual gameplay, I have chosen to make them provide a stamina bonus. In order to maximize compatibility with other mods and avoid editing loot tables, yellow mutagens will not be dropped by monsters or found in the world. Instead they will need to crafted using a combination of three red,  three green, and three blue mutagens. This is partially inspired by the yellow colored mutations in Blood and Wine requiring some combination of red, green, and blue greater mutagens to be acquired.


The lesser, normal, and greater yellow mutagens function in the pretty much the same was as their red, green, and blue counterparts. They can be inserted into the mutagen slots in the character menu to obtain stamina bonuses of 5%/7%/10% for the lesser/normal/greater yellow mutagens respectively. They can link up with yellow skills in the same group to receive a +100% increase to their effect for each yellow skill in the group. Yellow mutagens placed in mutagen slots are also fully compatible with the Synergy ability which increases the bonuses of the mutagens currently in the slots. This is all similar in behavior to the vanilla red and blue mutations. There are now two versions of the mod that change how the yellow mutagen alchemy formulas are acquired in game.

Standard Version:
The formulas for the lesser/normal/greater mutagens can be purchased at Pellar/Herbalist's Hut/Gremist respectively. This will make the yellow mutagens feel more like an interesting upgrade that Geralt can obtain and improve on throughout the game.

Classic Version:
Like all the other colored mutagens, the yellow mutagen formulas will be a part of Geralt's alchemy recipes by default. Start a new game or load an existing save to get them.

Menu Graphics

Fortunately, CDPR left most of the unused yellow colored menu graphics including the "link-up" connecting lines and slot background in the vanilla redswf files. This means that these graphics can be activated via script and will not require the redswf edits that often lead to major compatibility issues. Unfortunately, they did leave out one thing which is the yellow colored banner and icon where the text describing the bonus provided by the yellow mutagen appears. While I have done redswf edits in the past, this was a bit beyond my abilities.  Fortunately, user Tinnaib was able to make the edit and add a yellow colored banner and custom icon for the yellow mutagen's bonus. There are two versions of the icon to choose from: and game's icon for stamina(ver A) or game's generic stats icon(ver B). As redswf files often create compatibility issues and cannot be merged, this yellow banner is provided as a separate add-on file that can installed along side the base mod. A 60fps compatible version for both icon styles is also provided. The mod is 100% fully functional without this add-on file but the the banner featuring the bonus text will be red and feature the sword icon like the red mutagen.


CDPR only left the icon for the normal yellow mutagen in the game files. I am not a graphic artist so to create icons for the lesser and greater variants I simply used the other mutagen icons and adjusted some color sliders in photoshop to make them look more yellow.


Main mod:
Unpack "modYellowMutagen"(or "modYellowMutagenClassic" if you're using that version) into your Mods folder. If there isn't one create it. Also unpack "dlcyellowmutagen" into your game's dlc folder. This mod features several script edits so be sure to merge them using Script Merger. This mod is fully compatible with and recommend for use with the Brothers In Arms Ultimate Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection(BiA). Just give this mod priority over it. As of the latest version, all of the xml files have been made into DLC mod format which should eliminate most compatibility issues. The mod should now be compatible with Ghost Mode. Compatibility with other overhauls is unknown.

Yellow panel Add-on:
Unpack the mod in your Mods folder. If you are using a 60fps UI mod then install the 60fps version. The add-on file will however not be compatible with any mod that edits the panel_character.redswf file. 

Console Commands

If you would like to obtain yellow mutagens without crafting them use the following console commands

additem('Lesser mutagen yellow')
additem('Mutagen yellow')
additem('Greater mutagen yellow')

Future Updates

I am currently thinking about ways of making it more interesting to obtain the formulas for the yellow mutagens(have them for sale, hidden in the world, etc.) and will make that a version for those that want
the yellow mutagens to really feel rare as they should be. I am also open feedback on adjusting the bonus the yellow mutagen provides. Also I plan to add more localizations in the future. If you are able to create localizations for own preferred language please let me know and I can include them in future updates.


The current status of mod localization is as follows. If you would like to contribute translations please modify the csv files located in the CSV folder of this mod and contact me. I unfortunately cannot provide a complete set of Google Translate localizations for this mod as I unfortunately made a bad design choice earlier in development that made the CSVs incompatible with the GUI string encoder. Sorry about that.

   English (en)    --  written by glassfish777
   Arabic (ar)    -- Missing translation
   Portuguese (br)    --
Missing translation
   Simplified Chinese (cn)    -- TianShanTengLao
   Czech (cz)    -- Missing translation
   German (de)    --grandmastermadman
   Spanish (es and esMX)    -- Deepk
   French (fr)    -- Missing translation
   Hungarian (hu)    -- evgen812
   Italian (it)    -- Missing translation
   Japanese (jp)    -- gotaiman
   Korean (kr)    -- Missing translation
   Polish (pl)    -- See Macrophobic's translation
   Russian (ru)    -- Arkwulf
   Turkish (tr)    -- Missing translation
   Traditional Chinese (zh)    --

Special Thanks

Special thanks to redswf master Fabian(Tinnaib) for taking the time to create the yellow background add-on that makes this mod feel so much more complete and part of the game. I would also like to thank user Flipper444 for identifying the signs of yellow mutagens being a cut feature in the game files and bringing it to my and BiA team member's attention. Lastly, I would like to thank the Brothers in Arms team members PaulR0013, MerseyRockoff, and konyme as well as user ElementaryLewis for their help, support, advice, and feedback during the development of this mod.

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